one nation under Obama

(rather graphic drawing below)

National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) called for the party to unite behind Mr Obama.

“Sen. Obama has a fully pro-choice record, and we are confident that as president he will be a champion for women’s reproductive rights.”

On this page of NARAL you can watch a short video explaining the reasons why they decided to promote Obama as their candidate: Senator Obama has 100% record on voting for women’s reproductive rights, while Sen. McCain has 0%.

In Sen. Obama’s own words: (full statement here)

“I have consistently advocated for reproductive choice and will make preserving women’s rights under Roe v. Wade a priority as President. I oppose any constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling in this case.

Mrs. Clinton is disappointed that she did not get the NARAL endorsement.

In the past, Sen Obama voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (he was for an option: baby born alive during abortion procedure will not be helped and will be left to die). He also opposed the Supreme Court decision that finally upheld the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (he was for partial abortion – after baby’s body is delivered, and it’s head is still in the birth canal, the abortionist sucks baby’s brain out). He says this is ok:

As charismatic, uniting and charming as Obama can be, I can not believe that people in this country can be so naive or plainly deceived to follow him as the one who will bring the better tomorrow. What will it cost us? This can’t be ignored or put as number 6. on the list of issues which are crucial. So we might become better of, than in the “Sicko” documantary, we might have cheaper gasoline in our cars, we might feel better, believing again in a sleek persona leading us to trust again in “one nation”… but it’s not gonna be a nation “under God”.

If you are a Christian, and you are thinking about voting for Mr. Obama as your Commander and Chief, please send me a note, how can you justify that…

Last news: Catholic arcbishop Naumann, asked Kansas governor Sebelius to refrain from Communion for abortion support. Simply saying, one can’t belong to Christ, if one is consistently pro-abortion. Communion in Catholic church is receiving the life of Christ Himself and one has not only confess his sins, but also needs to have a contrite heart and pursue the process of satisfaction for the sins committed, if it’s possible (if you have stolen, give it back), in order to be able to receive Communion. Mrs. Sebelius wants to be pro-abortion and wants to receive Communion. Not possible.

52 thoughts on “one nation under Obama

  1. I agree – as one writer put it how can a life-begins-at-conception Christian support a life-doesn’t-even-begin-after-birth Obama. He is the most radical candidate to date – we have to pray that he does not become president.

  2. you are very uneducated. The bible is a story. people have the right to choose how to live their own lives and all you christians need to realize that there were millions of people here before your false profit convinced everyone he was the son of god and there will be billions of people here on earth when everyone finally realizes that it is all just a story that has been made to scare people into compliance.

  3. Craig,
    I guess we will see after we die…although the opportunity to know the truth is given and accessible to us even now, while we live…
    Thanks for visiting.

  4. Craig, the choice begins with sex or no sex. That is the choice that women should have. It is not fair to take any human life at any stage for such selfish reason. People of your persuasion often offer more rights to animals such as cows and dogs. A blogger on an article on euthenasia scolds america for it’s treatment of over populated “domesticated animals”. I urge any of you leftist, demos with children to look at the pictures associated with early and late term abortions. These are daughters, sons and grand-children!! My goodness, where is the compassion for human life!! Our “story” told us these “immoral” times would come to pass before the end times. Even with the foreknowledge, it is so sad to see the moral fabric unraveling so quickly.

  5. That is certainly NOT how a fetus would look 2nd-3rd term. That is what is so wrong with all the no-abortion tactics. They give you wrong information. There are very serious cases in which a woman should be able to choose whether or not to keep her baby. Rape is the biggest one with a very young age following closely behind. I, for one, am voting for Obama.

  6. Lesley,
    here are the pictures of real humans in all of the stages of development:

    Statistics say that pregnancies as a result of rape constitute only 1-2% of all pregnancies (let’s add another 1-2 %, we know that not all women are reporting it).
    Pregnancies under age 25: 12%, teens pregnancies are falling down also.
    Of course, a woman has a choice to keep or not to keep her baby, She shouldn’t have a choice to kill it. And we should provide options for her to help her to keep her baby or give it up for adoption.

  7. I will proudly vote for Obama for president. First of all, anyone who is a one issue voter is a peawit. Second, the abortion rate in the US before Roe v Wade was around 16%. It is now around 19%. The decision simply allows the procedure to be performed safely for women who would abort whether or not it was illegal. Third, the only way to reduce abortions it to reduce pregnancies. As long as we have conservatives in power who preach and teach abstinence as the only ‘acceptable’ form or birth control, we will have unwanted pregnancies. The same evil people who don’t want abortions also don’t want to teach sex ed to our middle schoolers, or give free contraceptives to high schoolers. And I don’t mean inner city, where there is a health dept on every corner (and who goes to one of those in the heat of the moment anyway) but contraceptives are needed in extremely rural and conservative areas of America. Remember, almost 75% of all abortions are performed on christians. Non-religious women only account for 24% of all abortions.

    I believe that the way to reduce abortions in America is to educate our teens and single women, and allow them to have birth control without fear of others opinions of them. It is conservative and religious people who make these women afraid to use birth control, and only after they get pregnant do they choose the last avaliable option to end it.

  8. Kevin, I’m a teen. Fifteen and female to be more exact. We’re not retarded. We know about birth control and NO ONE I’ve ever met fears using it or was ever teased for using it.

    I’m a libertarian and am pro-choice. There is no reason to make abortion illegal. If it was made illegal we’d have coat hanger abortions and other fun, messy things to worry about. -_- But there is no way I could support a baby being born and left on a shelf to die. The very idea of someone doing this/believing in this is fucking disgusting. To prohibit something like that isn’t denying anyone any rights (they can STILL get abortions) and the fact that Obama would think it was THE GREATEST IDEA EVER makes me dislike him even more than I already did.

    Seriously. Lolbama’s an Oreo faggot who just wants you to spare him some change.

    ALSO CRAIG, don’t call people uneducated if you can’t spell “prophet”. ^.^ If people have the right to choose how to live their own lives, maybe you should fuck off and let Christians live their life how they want.

    … yeaaauuuh I think I’m done here.

    Feel free to add me to your Myspace so we can argue kiddies. !:3

  9. now that is just cruel. it’s inhuman!!! exactly, how can somebody to something like that to little human beings. they have no fault in anything. this is just pure murder!Obama is a little mother fucker. he should go to hell!What an ass. i am just so mad! i have a kid myself. he s just a newborn and i am 18 and i am proud to say that i am happy to be a teenage mom because when i look into my little son’s face i know it was all worth it but that partial abortion is probably one of the worst case scenarios i’ve ever heard. i will spit on your grave obama when your day comes, that’s for sure!

  10. America should be one Nation under God, with McCain as President, and Sarah Palin as Vice President. NO ONE should EVER have the right to decide to kill a baby!!!! EVER!!! It should not even be an option that women have, at all!!! I don’t even know how anyone could consider doing it.

  11. I am blown away by the pure ignorance of people. How can ANY WOMAN live with herself knowing she allowed her child to be MURDERED!! yes, i said MURDERED. There is no difference between a person getting shot and a helpless child being slaughtered before being given a chance at life! As for the Election…oh my what a world we live in where the character of a person and a past is sooo shady. Why is it such a mystery as to where you came from. Ezcuse me for saying so, but I would feel a whole lot better if one of the candidate’s last name didnt come from the same origin as the same terrorist who attacked our country on 9-11.

    Barak(really Baraka=muslim)
    Hussein(Saddam, sound familier??)

    all I know is, if Obama becomes president, GOD forbid, then I will fear for my life and my country as well.

  12. I am so astounded at the hatred I am reading on this blog. I’m not speaking of anger toward woman choosing abortion, but specifically toward Barack Obama. I know there is nothing I can say that would enlighten a racist, and believe in your right to state your opinion, I’m just shocked that at the ignorance.
    I choose to think for myself, rather than listen to any political party or religious affiliation. I, myself, could never have an abortion because I believe it is the equivalent to killing a child at any age. This belief was once debated vehemently with my by some of my “Pro-Choice” friends. These same people would have liked to take that choice away and pressured me to HAVE an abortion when I discovered I was pregnant while in the middle of divorcing my abusive husband. I had one young child and had no choice but to go on welfare because working 40 hours a week, I couldn’t afford to pay a babysitter AND the rent. These people felt that because I was on welfare and another baby would certainly extend the duration of me being on welfare, I shouldn’t be allowed to have another child. They were also angry that they, the “taxpayers” would have to foot the bill for my prenatal care and delivery. I have no family, I was alone with no support, no money, in a legal battle with an abusive bully and felt like I was fighting for my baby’s life. That beautiful baby girl just turned 15, and has brought me nothing but joy since she was born.
    But I don’t believe a reversal of Roe v. Wade is the answer, and I won’t make decisions for anybody else. I also feel that partial birth abortions are clearly murder, and can’t imagine how the same people who support them, are shocked and enraged when a newborn dies as a result of shaken baby syndrome. Both are murder, but the first is premeditated and gruesome.

    And one more thought, you CAN”T be pro life and FOR the war in Iraq, which has resulted in well over a MILLION (1,257,401) CIVILIAN, INCLUDING CHILDREN AND INFANT) deaths, and that’s not counting the 4,000+ American soldiers that died, their children that were as a result orphaned, the soldiers who committed suicide once they came home…and on and on and on. Stop being drones for a political party, and think for yourself. It’s patriotic.

  13. McCain and Palin are not even going to overturn Roe V Wade if they , God forbid, were to be elected. It simply will not happen. Dubya couldn’t do it, and they won’t either. They are also not going to save us from this economic crisis that we are in. McCain’s temper is not going to do us any good in foreign affairs. All you right wing conservatives have to hold onto at this point is FEAR tactics and negative campaigning. It is not working this time! It may have worked with Dubya but it is not working now. Check the polls!

  14. Also I agree with Gloria. The hate coming from Republicans is downright scary. I thought you were supposed to be the good God fearing party. Did God not say LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR. Honestly, I have seen the hate from Republicans towards Democrats grow and grow since 2000. Are we not all Americans? What has become of this country. It saddens me deeply.

  15. “A woman has a choice to keep or not to keep her baby, She shouldn’t have a choice to kill it. And we should provide options for her to help her to keep her baby or give it up for adoption.” -Iwka

    I agree w/ this statement. Why wouldn’t it be better for the child to have known life, knowing you did everything in your power to provide for him/her if, in fact, the child were to die of some outward cause? If you are human, at least your conscience would be clear. Imagine what the infant must be feeling when they undergo such a terrible procedure. Google some of the images that are out there of the heartless act. I believe that the people who are on this site, who abhor this atrocity, should support those organizations who provide for women. That would be true “equality for women”.

  16. Obama? Abortion–choice? Pro-choice..?

    No. Freaking murder. I don’t understand how we have lost our sense of… humanity…

    Obama… Pro-choice? No Way! What a slap to the face!!

  17. cursing deleted by the owner
    i can’t believe the …IGNORANCE of 95% of anyone on this page. MEN, for one thing, have NO …right to say ANYTHING about abortion, they haven’t experienced it and never will, they have NO say. if you have a freaking fetus growing in your uterus, you should have the … right to control it. partial birth abortion is a different story, if it’s out, its out and you should look into adoption instead. military experience will NOT make you a good president, and that’s all mccain has to say about himself. as for christianity, NOBODY knows the truth so stop FORCING your religion down people’s throats, this is NOT a CHRISTIAN nation so others, who are NOT christian, should NOT have to follow YOUR ‘rules.’

    k? thanks.

    vote for obama tomorrow!

  18. no one has to have an abortion!
    stop … sleeping around or use protection, … its not that hard! and there is something called adoption,if you don’t want to keep the child because you are unable to support it put the child up for adoption rather than killing it!

  19. to Craig,
    I would rather live like there is a God, die, and find out there isnt then live like there isnt, die, and realize there is!

  20. Wow…I read the messages being left and it really amazes me how selfish the world has become. Regardless of your religious beliefs or lack of, people can share common morals and can educate themselves with real and unbiased information. It is a FACT that no matter where you stand on the issue of abortion that a fetus only five weeks into pregnancy (which is three weeks gestation) has a beating heart and fully functioning organs. It is a human being. It is a baby. A baby that some would call “Products of conception.” Call it whatever you like but it thats what we shall call it then every last one of us that are alive and able to leave these hateful messages on here are still “products of concepton.” We have the same beating heart and the same exact organs we had at only a couple weeks after conception. The only thing we have now that we didn’t have then is a VOICE that can be heard. So all of you pro choice supporters out there are what you are, but you can’t possibly find fault in people for fighting for life. You can only be on one side of a fence…you either believe in fighting for life and the opportunity for a child to have all the blessings that we have grown up to have ourselves, or you can stand for convenience and the option to duck out of being held accountable for something that was obviously irresponsible. Afterall, if you carried a baby full term, and gave it to someone who would give anything to have a child, people would know. You would feel like you did something looked down upon…Abortion is for convenience and to sweep your mistakes under the rug. It is what it is… If you’re pro choice, you’re pro choice, but don’t act like there is any justification. Be proud that you stand for murder, don’t ty to sugar coat it and make up reasos why we should have that right. there are millions of people out there who spend thousands and thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and just cant have babies. There are millions of people out there who would gladly give these unborn children loving homes. these children don’t have to be born into families that don’t want them…but they should have the riht to be born.

  21. “MEN, for one thing, have NO …right to say ANYTHING about abortion, they haven’t experienced it and never will, they have NO say.”

    MEN should have an EQUAL SAY in what happens to their child! Would it be OK if the FATHER wanted the child and the MOTHER didn’t and she had an abortion? NO!!!

    MEN certainly seem importnant enough to have their wages stolen by the state (calling it “child support”). Why don’t men get the RIGHT to make DECISIONS along with the RESPONSIBILITY of supporting their child?

    Your stupidity is EXCATLY what makes young girls think they can have babies for a living. The girl knows the state will force the father to pay, so she can be a “mommy” for a job.

    Would the state EVER force a woman to be a mother? NO!!
    Would the state EVER force a man to be a father?

  22. Doug has a good point. Although, too often there are situations where men will not take care of their children unless enforced by the government, I do believe that the goverment should be just as inolved in enforcing women to do their part even if it’s only allowing the baby to be born. Adoption options are always available. I do think though that if a woman decides she wants the baby and a man decides he does not he shouldn’t have the right to just disappear. Somehow his specimen got in there to create the child in the first place and some responsibility needs to be taken for that. I do think the money taken from men should be accounted for a little more carefully tho. I think it’s sad that it’s so easy for mothers to take that money and go out drinking with it while baby stays with grandma. I think if a woman is irresponsible enough to get pregnant with a baby she doesn’t want, she should atleast have it and allow another loving family thats not able to have children raise it…I think if she keeps it and dad has to pay support…where the money goes should be monitered and should be allowed to be spent on certain things such as schooling, clothes, groceries, etc. This is coming from a woman who receives child support. I love my son and he deserves every penny of it, but I would so much rather see my son go out to dinner with his dad once or twice a week or just go to the park and play. I would gladly give up that money if my son could have that…THAT would be a father. Thankfully, my husband, his step dad does all he can to fill that void. anyway…sorry i got a little off topic. I just feel that every time a baby is conceived it’s a tru miracle. Every child deserves a chance to live. I think the fact that a woman is given the option to give her child up for adoption is letting her off the hook enough!!

  23. It doesnt matter which side you are on: Christian or agnostic; conservative or liberal; republican or democrat. We all know right from wrong. If you see someone punching their kid in the grocery store, are you going to say ‘thats that womans choice on how she disciplines her kid’ would you think the dad doesnt have a say so because he didnt carry it? Equal rights has gone entirely too far in the gender department. It used to be women wanting the oppurtunity and legal right to do whatever and man does, now women are doing what most men wouldnt think of doing. I cant fathom why a woman can drop a newly born, blood drenched kid off at a so called “safe hathen” no questions asked; put a kid up for adoption without out the fathers knowledge; abort a kid after being married for years and three kids(someone i knew did that), but men have to pay childsupport or go to jail. Newsflash people: MY WOMB, OUR KID. Meaning, the kid was made for me to carry, but its half mine. Think about it. Google aborted babies. NOT FETUS

  24. If men could get pregnant then abortion would be legal no questions asked and it would not be debated. The man can voice is opinion but when it comes down to it he’s not the one that has to carry this fetus for nine months or be put at risk therefore the final choice belongs to the woman.

  25. these faggots…its unbelievable that you would even agree to kill someones child no matter what they want…i think this profession period is a disgrace…i dont understand how these women can look at themselvs in the mirror everyday knowing what they’ve done…

  26. It doesn’t matter if he believes in partial-birth or not. If it’s illegal, it’s NOT going to stop women from having it done, so you might as well legalize it, so they can at least have it done in a safe way. Plus, whether a woman aborts a baby at six weeks or at seven months, what’s the difference? It’s still a baby. It’s no worse than if the woman gave birth, and then killed it. Or waited until it was two, and murdered it. Murder is murder, and people are going to do it regardless of any laws.
    So that being said, if a woman gets pregnant and wants to have an abortion or a partial-birth, then by all means, she should have one, because no matter what, it is HER consequences. SHE is the one who has to deal with it. And if God does exist, HE and only HE can judge her for her doing it. So people–ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS–should just let people live their lives, and stop trying to judge other people for their lifesstyles and choices. It’s none of your business, and you are just as full of sin as everyone else which really gives you absolutely NO RIGHT to judge.

  27. Murder is also a private decision. Rape too. Let’s not have the government interfere with our freedom to act however we wish. Let God be the ultimate judge. There is really no need to outlaw anything … God will handle it all.

  28. Kimmi – You’re absolutely nuts. You’re condoning murder and rape and want the government to back you up on that. You say tha abortion is murder, but then you want it to be legal? That makes no sense at all. By saying, “Let’s not have the government interfere with our freedom to act however we wish,” you are basically asking for the removal of all laws. You have no idea what kind of chaos you’re asking for.You also say that if a woman has an abortion, “it is HER consequences.” You’re wrong. The baby suffers form that choice, too. And don’t worry, God WILL judge people for what they’ve done. Everyone will be judged by Him when they die. You’re right that He should be the only one to judge, but we still need to have laws in place to try to keep people from doing these awful things. For someone who wants everyone else to stop judging, you’re awfully judgemental.

  29. So ok its a living thing… Sorry but isnt our country killing housands of people a day? even some of our own? And republicans are for that?? And sorry to burst everyones hopes but adoption dosnt meean that the baby will be happy not all cute little babys get adopted into nice houses with a pool in the backyard.. And foster care sucks trust me.. So when the “living being” is still conected to the mothers body.. I think its her choice on rather or not she wants it there.. I agree abortion and birth control are two seperate options but fereal guys.. It’ll be around forever the goverment cant tell us wat to do with our bodys… And if i can get tattoos then woman can get abortions.. its that simple…

  30. This is so sad… Why would a mother want her own baby to be murdered?????
    Obama sucks in millions of other reasons, but this really gets to me.
    Ron Paul is against all of this, he actually used to deliver babys to mothers who gave birth to them 🙂 awww. But since the 70’s, things have changed, and abortion is LEGAL??? I already knew that but WHY? it’s an innocent baby! a HUMAN. and people who want abortion, heres a message: give your baby’s to an adoption center, or even ask somebody if they have always wanted a child. But you people who want abortion make me sick, get a life. ANd that baby YOU want to KILL could be an inventor, a hero, world most fast runner, who knows, they could be so many things when their older, but you have to ruin it by murdering them… how dare you you people make me sick.

  31. to tell the truth, this is ALL against God, you people should go to hell morons.
    And sure, adoption centers are not all that great at all, but so what??? keep your baby! wtf are you people thinking???
    man, obama makes me so sick I wanna kill him right now.

  32. obama scares me, he doesnt even care about the sad oil spill down where my nana and grandpa lives, my uncle’s helping with the spill 🙂 I’m so proud of him

  33. Ok, so abortion is murder. it is homicide and should be called out for what it is 100 percent at the time. Nobody should be given the right to destroy the life of another person. Just because someone thinks it is ok to have sex whenever they want, they need to understand that there are responsibilities that come along with that act. Sex = Baby. That is what it is for, that is why we have it. Can anybody please explain to me how and why we exist? If somebody can explain that to me, then you weren’t aborted. who do you thank for that? your mom? I don’t think so. Your mom is just another person just like you that has the responsibility of taking care of you. the only thing this society teaches is that it is ok to be irresponsible because a MAJOR CORPORATION WHO HAS GOVERNMENT AND INSURANCE COMPANY SUPPORT SAYS “IT’S EASY, JUST ABORT!” If anybody disagrees with anything here, please, express yourself.

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