I started blogging 1 year ago


Blog Stats

Total views: 90,055 ( 69 619 visits, 87, 536 page visits)

Top 10 countries (out of 175 countries which visited):

United States (US)
United Kingdom (GB)
Canada (CA)
Poland (PL)
Australia (AU)
Germany (DE)
Philippines (PH)
India (IN)
Netherlands (NL)
France (FR)

Busiest day: 2,177 — Tuesday, May 6, 2008 (my post was linked to CNN page that day)

Totals Posts: 215

Comments: 407

Top post: one nation under Obama

Top video watched: magnificent U2

My favorite:


father’s day

in the shadows of gray

December 13th 1981

Sendler’s list

slavery during WWII

seems like poetry


can’t Allah forgive -1

Hopefully someone read something….


2 thoughts on “I started blogging 1 year ago

  1. Kobieto, nawet nie wiesz, jaki Twój blog jest ważny! Dzięki za fajne “polityczne” filmy 🙂 pisz częściej!

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