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Busiest day: 2,177 — Tuesday, May 6, 2008 (my post was linked to CNN page that day)

Totals Posts: 215

Comments: 407

Top post: one nation under Obama

Top video watched: magnificent U2

My favorite:


father’s day

in the shadows of gray

December 13th 1981

Sendler’s list

slavery during WWII

seems like poetry


can’t Allah forgive -1

Hopefully someone read something….

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Constant Contact, an E-mail/Newsletter service, has an Archive feature. I’ve put our recent newsletters in it, and gradually I will add our older ones. It’s a good way to keep all of the updates in one place for me and for those, who just can’t wait to hear what’s going on… I’ve included it in the Link sections on my blogs under “Archive – Newsletters”. Check it out:

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Zagladnij do MajorChange Archiwum. Link na moich blogach pod “Archive – Newsletters”. Zamiescilam tam kilka ostatnich Newsletterow, i stopniowo postaram sie publikowac te z dawniejszych lat. Jezeli chcialbys otrzymywac wiadomosci ode mnie w formie E-maili (srednio co drugi miesiac), zapisz sie na tej stronie.

1 month

I love statistics. I love graphs, bars, tables. So… I started blogging a month ago. This is the break down of the visitors by country. I think I need to write more in Polish… Thank you everybody for visiting.


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