horror in Austria. update

The beginning of this story, where a father kept his daughter, Elizabeth (her picture from years ago below) in a windowless cellar for 24 years and had 7 children with her is here.

The update below is taken from here.

19 year old Kerstin is in a critical state, her predictions to survive are slim.

Josef Fritzl is being connected with 3 other rape cases back in the 60-ties.

The colour blue; birdsong, moving traffic and the rustling of leaves: all that and much more is alarmingly new for two of the Austrian children who have spent their lives locked in an underground bunker.

Bernhard Kepplinger, the supervising doctor for the Fritzl family – the three relatively well-adjusted children who were brought up above ground and the three from the cellar – is more cautious: “Each child will need individual therapy and we should be careful not to overdo it.”

One problem has been separating the two boys from their mother, Elisabeth. “They were probably overprotected by their mother in the cellar,” Dr Friedrich said.

Elisabeth, 42, had to shield them from the sexual abuse of her – and their – father, Josef. When they heard the sounds of their father having sex with their mother they would retreat to one of the bedrooms and watch television to blank out the noise. Now, influenced by so much television, the children’s view of the world is two, rather than three-dimensional.

The youngest boy is given the best chance of recovery because of his relatively short period in the dungeon. He is curious rather than threatened by the outside world. When he was first taken out of the cellar he asked a policeman: “Is that God up there?” pointing at the sky.

The older boy reportedly has problems with balance and co-ordination.

The hospital lifts have been frightening for the boys. When the doors close, they panic: fears of the cellar dungeon are still very fresh.

The younger boy is said to be confused by the ringtones of mobile phones. As for the older one, he has grown to adolescence in the improvised prison created by his father. The television has given him some idea about cars, computers and politicians, but it is all very abstract.

Some things are familiar – the smell of food from the cooking ring – and the psychiatric team is trying to build on the recognized sensations while extending his range.

Never in modern Europe has there been a case of such sustained sensory deprivation. Even Natascha Kampusch, who escaped from her kidnapper 18 months ago, spent part of her captivity upstairs, was allowed occasionally into the garden and was even taken on a trip to the mountains by her abductor. Moreover, she was already 10 years old when she was first kidnapped, already quite articulate, able to read and write and aware that she was a captive. None of the cellar children were told they were prisoners; Elisabeth presented their cellar existence as normal life.


24 thoughts on “horror in Austria. update

  1. I am so disgusted with that man Josef Fritzl who has taken
    away this girl / women now her virginity has been exploited
    abused and turned into an ugly view of the world that she
    now has no respect for has lost all her dignity – and yet
    has never lost control to harm her children and only has tried
    her best to protect them – how ugly can a man be and a monster
    to shield this family from the outside world – even for one
    minute did he not have compassion for them the least he could
    do is help them medically – have some windows books and things
    all this that we take for granted in the world of normal daily
    lives that humans live in – I cannot forgive this man – and i
    know that others feel the same way I do….He has ripped away
    this woman’s pride and all that she represents as a woman
    there is no forgiveness no reason in the world to let this man
    get away with anything every put him in prison and let those
    prisoners tear him apart put him in a jail cell with no food
    or windows and leave him in the dark for months’ and see how
    he likes it….It is a miracle from God that Kirsten went to the
    hospital otherwise, they would have all died in that jail
    well, like I say what comes around goes around and Josef shall
    pay a price…

  2. I have not been the same since this story broke. We all have heard of attrocities that go on world wide, present and past.
    This one is beyond belief. I feel that nothing more will affect me after this story. I am a father to a son and daughter and the same age as poor Elizabeth. This story has made me do something I have not done since I was a child…cry like a baby
    that lost his mother. I have heard this “man” being refered to as the devil. In my opinion the devil would not abuse and torture one of his own. This is not what we were put here on earth for.
    Please GOD help them recover and live as normal a life as they can…please. GOD BLESS HER AND THE CHILDREN.

  3. when i first heard this story, my heart was devastated… i can never imagine that a father can do something like that to his own child or even to his own family.
    i was brought up by my parents in good deeds and most especially with fear in God. this amazingly evil…
    what was he thinking? what was in his mind for 24 years? i dont believe he’s insane… I believe that Josef Fritzl was possessed by the devil!!!!!! may God give justice to Elizabeth and her kids and may justice be served in righteousness!

    let us all pray for them!

  4. I am so glad others have felt the same way as me. As far
    as the breaking news now lawyer to Josef is filing an insanity
    case on Josef saying he is not responsible for his actions not
    knowing that what he did was wrong. Well, guess what Josef
    you aren’t crazy at all if you were able to get up and go to
    work everyday while your daughter was incarcerated and raise
    7 children of your own and raise three other children with Elizabeth – and lead a normal life and travel to Tailand on a boy’s holiday – OH you ain’t crazy don’t even think you are above
    the LAW now because you are not – When those prosecutors take
    your case to the jury and judge they will throw out the window
    and you will see that you are perfectly normal – in every way
    knowing exactly what you did was wrong and having known it….
    Any person who can make a story so elaborate about your daughter
    missing and then drugging her and raping her over and over – to
    me that sounds more like a pedafile sicko creep to me – NOT AN
    INSANE PERSON AT ALL…Buddy your days are numbered on this EARTH

  5. i don’t believe for one second that this man is crazy – he is just a bad bad bad bad person who puts his needs/desires WAY above and beyond the well being of his own children. noone’s suffering matters (no matter how great) but his own. according to him, forcing his daughter to endure life that’s worse than death is a “fair price” to pay to fulfil his disgusting need to satisfy his sexual appetite whenever he wants.
    make no mistake about it — he is guilty guilty guilty a zillion times over.

  6. I have 4 children, and in my mind I cannot comprehend how this man was able to do this to his own child for so long, no heart no soul, but in front of God he will pay each and every minute, I pray for Elizabeth and her children and hope one day she can truly live a normal life.

  7. it’s a shame that this f*cker is already near the end of his life, because he would never receive the punishment that he truly deserved – eternal torture

  8. It will only take the miracle of God himself to give those poor children a chance at a normal life…Please pray for them!!!..My heart is very very saddened>>>>>>>

  9. May 8/08
    Mr. Fritzel used his daughter instead of his wife, apparently, they (parents) were not sexually active for 20 years, as mentioned by a relative. The man was intelligent enough to put an electric system in the dungeons, and know how to fool everyone. Where is the insanity plea from him when he knew what was done to his daughter Elizabeth was wrong. How could he have loved his daughter and raped her every 3 days with this perverted sex. She had every right to run away from home because of his sexual attacks on her from age 11. I believe, Elizabeth completely when she told the truth, while Mr. Fritzle lied in the past to everyone including the police, even now he continues to lie. He saw an opportunity for sex and he took without caring for the feelings and pain of his daughter and children that were deprived. He was selfish, domineering and thought only for himself and what he could get out of the situation with his daughter.
    Elizabeth, I wish you the best in the world and hope you will make it through the hard times. You and your children are innocent and never feel guilty for what your animal father did to you and your children. God loves you and your children even more than us people that have not suffered like you have.
    You as a child should have been protected by your mother, or sisters or brother, which you should have told. Your mother knew of his past sexual problems and should have checked him out more, and not left you with him and go on holiday. Your mother should have been their for you if only you would have said something.
    I hope Mr. Fritzel stays in prison for the rest of his life and let him think hard what he has done wrong. I feel so sorry for you and your children. I am very angry that this went on for so long, but happy you came out alive and your children.
    (If he had sexual urges, he should have gone for help, that’s what a good father would have done, oviously he was not cured of his problems.
    He understood that he had a problem before and continued to make the situation worse on purpose,when opportunity came. He took advantage of a young innocent daughter that was afraid to speak to anyone of her family member because he probably threatened her!
    He oviously had no religion to help his mental problems and hid his secrets by controlling everyone.
    Elizabeth and Children I send you Peace and Happiness in the future from a person that cares very deeply what you suffered!

    Clair W.
    Ontario, Canada

  10. SHIT, MONSTERMAN, Fritzel is NOT CRAZY! IT (as he is a lump of shit) knows exactly what he did,
    and if IT had a heart he would feel the horror that he had caused into so many life!Elisabeth you are a STAR!!!Do not be afraid anymore and please treat yourself with the kindness you deserve!Never blame yourself for his disgusting existence, I hope with all my heart that you and all your children can finally have the happy life you deserve!!! Never forget how much you deserve to be happy and to fully experience the best out of life! I hope you can get through this horrific experience by overcoming the trauma that was imposed on you all!!
    I hope the sunshine will be with you forever!

  11. They should keep that Kant monster man in isolation for ever without any human contact and without sun and fresh air FOREVER!
    He should be charged by now at least of 24 years of absolute no contact with life, he should feel like a fucking zombie berried alive!
    Ideally he would deserve to have it chopped off!!!

  12. If the Austrian Court gives him a light sentence and he is released he needs to be castrated. Everything started with his penis and his “desires” — he cannot be rehabbed — these perverts need to be castrated. He thinks the world revolves around him and his penis so poor Elizabeth had to be raped at 11 years of age — no wonder she wanted to get away and started drinking and smoking — she was blocking out the nightmare of her disgusting father raping her whenever he could. When we bring children into this world we are trying to do everything for them to gain a foothold in society, education, travel, social skills, etc. His children are not there for his convenience so he can put them in a cellar and rape them at will — I hope the Austrian Govenment understands this and does not sympathize with this pedophila/rapist. Elizabeth has rights — she was not protected — and this cunning bastard slipped through the cracks with the Austrian System — with the rapes, the cellar, the adoptions and perhaps some more surprises tomorrow.

  13. The government needs to impose in more severe prosicution!!!!!!!
    he should have his penis chopped off and every limb on his body until he bleeds to death… take a trip through a slaughterhouse is what he deserves!(goveg.com to see what its like) makes me disgusted knowing that this has happened before and little do we know it is probably happening somewhere around the world right now!!!
    For rapists and pedophiiles strick action must take place or this will never stop.. all he is going to get is a slap on the wrist and a couple charges, money wont change emotions or the past.what is left of his pathetic life isnt worth living behind bars.he needs to have his scummy little face grated off, no dick so he can never feel the pleasure of sex again and hung somewhere to die!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope all the best for recovery of elisabeth and her children

  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!EXACTLY!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^READ THIS^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^

  15. I agree this Fritzl,is not a beast.that is an insult to an animal.HE IS THE DEVIL HIM SELF.I say lock this Person in the same cellar with no light,until he rots away,My prays are with,Elisabeth,Stefan,Kerstin,God bless them.

  16. (…)
    What government wants to do with him keep him in a gel 4 rest of his life!? U think this is enough (…)
    I think they should torches him orrr kill him
    I would do that! This is the good punishment 4 him!

  17. It has been several weeks since the shocking news of Elisabeth Fritzl’s imprisoned life came to light after their release and I am still in shock and deeply saddened by it and I am half way around the world in Australia. Let this be a lesson to all of us to ask questions if something seems amiss. In this day and age we are too afraid to step on anyones toes for fear of being seen as being nosey or interfering. If someone had interfered such as the tenants that lived above the dungeon – if they had reported the weird noises to the police or if Rosemary Fritzl had called in the authorities after 24 years of her husband disappearing into the dungeon with no explanation and after banning everyone in the family into this room – then surely poor Elisabeth and her family would have been discovered so much earlier? Please let this be a lesson to all of us to not close our eyes to what makes us uncomfortable about what we see or feel or have a gut feeling about. I do not know this family but I have never been so saddened by a story like this and I really want to help Elisabeth and her children especially her little 5 year old son Felix as I too have a young son and every day I look at my son and I imagine Felix and the torturous existence he lived and my heart literally feels like it is breaking a little more every day. I want to help them anyway I can – From a very distraught person from a faraway country.


  19. It’s very SAD that (that) DEVIL raped his own flesh and blood..How sick can one be??? I’m praying for her and her children. I pray for a speedy recover for her oldest child that’s in the hospital..I pray that GOD have mercy own him only GOD can take care of that situation..To GOD be the glory..I’m sad that the daughter got sick but happy in a way because if not they would have died in that dungeon..So GOD knew what he was doing by allowing that child to go too the hospital.. GOD BLESS

  20. Josef fritzl,you are a disgrace to humanity.i would insult you but the names i want to call you dont exist yet.i feel a murderous rage and if i visited Austria today,i would do the world a favour and give you the slowest,most torturous death possible.God will never forgive you.Compared to you,Hitler looks like an angel.you will die a shameful death, alone and disgraced.may your evil soul burnin hell for eternity.somebody say amen

  21. Its true that the father involved could never receive a punishement worthy of his crime; let us instead focus on the hope for the future of these children. We should set up a fund for the education and life expenses of the children so that money will be less of an obstacle and they can have a chance at salvaging some fun out of this wonderful life!

  22. I believe that Elisabeth’s mother knew. I’m sure she knew he raped her when she was a kid. And I am not willing to believe that she did’t know what was going on for 24 years. She must have known. Just an example: The food.. Where could he buy and transport it every single week to the basement. Eben though he still had quite a few upstairs, that must have been a lot. the preparation before elisaneth was drugged and taken into thew basement?? Not any notice?
    She doesn’t seem to be stupid. She KNEW. And Im almost a 100% sure that she did. And if that’s true, then’s she’s just as worse as Josef.

  23. I believe that Elisabeth’s mother knew. I’m sure she knew he raped her when she was a kid. And I am not willing to believe that she did’t know what was going on for 24 years. She must have known. Just an example: The food.. Where could he buy and transport it every single week to the basement. Even though he still had quite a few children upstairs, that must have been a lot of food.

    And what about the preparation before elisaneth was drugged and taken into thew basement?? Not any notice?
    She doesn’t seem to be stupid. She KNEW. And Im almost a 100% sure that she did. And if that’s true, then’s she’s just as worse as Josef.
    Women who really love a men – or are terrified- -or insane too- can do really sick shit.
    It all had been happened before from childporn (children abducted bij the wife’s man – the abuser-) and incestuous relationships, and the woman was too stupid to see it or even participated. – Im not saying dad she did that.
    Probably she didn’t know what EXACTLY was going on in her basement but she must have had a notice.

    Judith, Amsterdam said this on February 11, 2009 at

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