horror in Austria. update 2. Elizabeth and Josef Fritzl

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Part 2

There was a press conference. More facts were revealed about Josef Fritzl. The cellar which he kept his daughter and her children in for years, was built by himself during 6 years period prior to imprisoning Elizabeth. That’s the time he started to rape Elizabeth regularly. He liked it so much and he wanted it to continue for his whole life. Building the dungeon was a way for this heinous crime to be continued. He forced his daughter to help him built the room inside. The cellar had 8 doors, the last two electronically monitored.

For the first 2 days of her captivity Elizabeth was handcuffed to a pole, for the next 9 months, she was kept on a leash, which allowed her only to use the toilet. He raped her about every three days. For the first 9 years Elizabeth and her 3 children were kept in one room, 35m2 (380 square feet), originally designed to be a nuclear shelter. After the 4th child was born, he added 20m2. That suggests that the children were present in the room when he was raping his own daughter year after year. There were also punishment cells in the cellar, with nothing else but bare walls.

He installed a goldfish tank for them to enjoy and he was giving them supplements of vitamin D.

The psychiatric clinic where the family is kept for now.

In the hospital: the family is reuniting daily for meals and play. They are slowly being exposed to the sunlight. Their skin is very pale. Both boys, who spend all their life in the dungeon learned everything they know from their mother or from the TV. They use a mixture of words and communicate with noises that are a mixture of growling and cooing. 5 year old Felix prefers to crawl, although can walk upright. Elisabeth thought them to read and write, but lost a lot of her knowledge. Elisabeth looks as old as her mother.

Josef. He is in prison. He is obsessed with following all the news regarding his case. His lawyer will present the case of mental illness and/or insanity. His fellow prisoners are threatening to kill him. He is in a single cell, with a window, and, his lawyer says: “He is a broken man”.

19 year old Kirsten is still in coma. She has never been seen by the doctor or a dentist before. She has lost almost all her teeth.

From the news coverage on May 7th we hear Josef denying him being a monster, being cooperative with the prosecutors and saying, that “if not for him, they all would die”.

How long will it take for these victims to even emerge as dignified human beings? Will they be able to forgive? Will they be able to enter into “normal” society and every day life? How strong is Elizabeth that she can even enjoy life as it is now? What will Josef’s wife do? How are the children going to relate to each other in the future? I have many questions…


37 thoughts on “horror in Austria. update 2. Elizabeth and Josef Fritzl

  1. I hope the daughter and kids can overcome this. I hope they let her put a knife thru his heart while he has to watch her do it. This man is very sick, but i do not believe he is mentally insane. I believe he is just a stupid man that wanted sex from children. A man that could not get a woman so he punished children. Sad life. I will pray for the family and hope they recover from this and do not inherite the gene that caused him to do this.

  2. The Austrian authorities are as much to blame for this horror as they are trying to protect this man whoes granddaughter is fighting for her life because of his doing. What is God’s punishment for him? His soul will never leave his body until his punishment is met.

  3. The women of Austria need to unite and stand up to the Austrian Government who contuously protect pedophiles, rapists — this man deserves to die ASAP — certainly not protected in a psychiatric hospital — what purpose would that do — there he would get all the comforts and probably get an early release by the Austrian Government — this man does not make Austria look good due to the Naziism–authoritarian type–tyranical–dogleash–the lack of empathy for his OWN flesh and blood–we don’t even know the details of poor Elizabeth’s births — she delivered all on her own, in a tiny little cell, with hardly any oxygen, bits of food, no medical attention–what happened to the afterbirth, cord, all the blood — this is so utterly disgusting—-after all this the lawyer wants to get him RELEASED–here again we have ANOTHER SYMPATHIZER to pedophila and rape — it has been proven that these people cannot be rehabilitated. Austria should have 800# hot lines for incest, rape, etc. billboards, tv, radio, SCHOOLS,
    self-defence, etc. For the last two weeks all I can think of is Elizabeth and her family — I hope and pray they find peace, health, love and spirituality within their family and speaking of family where are Elizabeth’s 6 brothers and sisters — not much love & caring being shown there.

  4. There is a lot of text copied directly off other sites on this blog – you’d want to be careful. Its one thing writing out the facts in your own words, but copy and pasting from other websites could get you into a lot of trouble.

  5. Elizabeth should be able to decide the fait of that bastard. She needs a year to think about how she would like to torture him to death and let the rest of the world watch this. I have been thinking about how cruel that bastard is. This is the worst thing that I have ever heard in my life. I think its worse then that book a boy called it. I cant believe he thinks he is going to get off on insanity. Twenty four years of her life have been wasted and the other children have not even begun their lives. I try not to think of this because its so SAD.

  6. With all of the millions of people from all around the earth praying for Elizabeth and her family right now, I believe there is great hope for these precious people. Every time they come to our mind, we should pray for their many needed healings and strength.
    As for Josef Fritzl, he should be imprisoned in the cellar he has so carefully dug — but without the radio and TV. Instead of his sunny beaches and long vacations, he should now have darkness and let his teeth rot out like his family has experienced … and Elizabeth should get the honors of locking the door …

  7. –anonymous– it is actually 24 years plus 7 — she had been continuously raped since the age of 11 so for 31 years she faced this vile animal — Elizabeth must have incredible inner strength — most of us would have given up long ago but she stuck it out for her kids I am sure and now with the right care and therapy she can get a little pleasure seeing her kids having fresh air, sun, growing, learning, and that this disgusting piece of crap is either dead of locked up for life—anyone know why the siblings are taking so long to come forward?

  8. The whole incident shows how bad is the Western culture. Father having sex with daughter and even with his grand daughter!!! MY GOD MY GOD MY GOD…… Miya kulpa Miya Kulpa Miya MAXIMA kulpa (My sin My sin My great sin) I think we too are cursed thats why we were alive this long to read this news from Austria….. Poor Elizabeth…….. the world is behind you….. I have nothing more to say…… I am burning…… May this acts never repeats again in this world atleast in our lifespan……..

  9. Since I first learned of this story, I have been lamenting and grieving Elizabeth, her lost innocense, trust, real love, marriage and family created in a loving, healthy environment. I am tormented at the thoughts from this sad and totally unnecessary story. It is true, he totally knew what he was doing. How any human could turn on and torture his own child(ren) is beyond my comprehension. So much has been lost just so Josef could get his jollies. Sexual predators, including pedophiles, don’t see people as human, only as toys to manipulate for their own sick sexual pleasure. When I hear of how some want pedophilia legalized, I realize we are now living in a world that is DEEPLY and PROFOUNDLY troubled! When sick becomes normal and normal disrespected, then we are not behaving as we were created to be. We have a rational mind for a reason…so that we DON’T behave like animals! Animals only live from instinct. They don’t nor are they capable of rationalizing. This is the connection we have with G*d. When humans choose to behave, not as G*d created us to behave, but as mere animals, we are nothing more…. We, then, aren’t even dignified at that point to be associated with animals who cannot aspire to anything greater than their instincts…therefore, we are lower, beneath animals. That’s what people such as Elizabeth’s father is. We must pray not only for her and all the victimized of the world like her, but for the sickos such as Josef who enjoy acting beneath the animals.

  10. Bastard who wanted his toys, books, clothes. What bloody right he has on her life. He bloodywell look after give her good education and leave her to her destiny. Who the hell he to decide on how she should be, what she should be. That is her decision.

  11. deeply sadned by the way josef fritzl has locked his daughter away for 24 years in that hell hole of a celler now he has hell to look forward too and i hope elizabeth and her family can live in pace and never see had man again.

  12. I can’t get away from this story, I’m haunted by it, I can’t even stop thinking about it for too long, I’m consumed by it. Like many others, I feel pain when I think about all the years Elisabeth and her children have lost while in that cellar, and the unimmaginable mental and physical torture they were subjected to by their so called father.
    I was ten or eleven when she was first locked in that cellar, I can’t even remember back that far, only glimpses. How is it that she survived it all and didn’t go insane? HOW??? I can honestly say that I have never felt hatred for anyone before, but I could easily, given a chance, kill Fritzl with my own hands. No punishment could EVER fit his crime, or change what has happened.
    This story has made me feel so many emotions, it has kept me up at night, it has given me nightmares, I have cried for those innocnet victima, I’ve felt helplessess, anger, and sadness. And at the same time it has given me a new outlook in life, by realising the strength of the human spirit and what it can endure.
    Best wishes to Elisabeth and her children, may the outside world offer you much love and happiness.

  13. I looked at a crystal ball. Poor Elizabeth will be wealthy, but she has a long road to recovery. There are obstacles for her to overcome. It is not going to happen overnight.

  14. The father should know after his life, when he faces God’s interview, How would he report what he had done in his life. Poor him. I pray Elisabeth and her children will have a smooth life since after. Don’t forget the word “forgiveness”. I know it is easy to say, but it is a powerful word.

  15. May Elisabeth and the children flourish an i hope this vile man who is an insult to any living creature dies slowly and in great pain. after that i hope he rots in hell. he created hell on earth for his daughter and those helpless children.

  16. This is absolutely, one to the yukiest, horrible, un-imaginable stories that I’ve ever read about. Everyone, continue to pray for Elizabeth and the children. He’s shouldn’t be put to death, he should be made to suffer and stay locked in a 4×4 cell, not to mentioned rapped himself, for the rest of his old life!

  17. My prayers are also with the victims of this horrible crime. May they live the rest of their lives in peace with joy and light. It’s so disturbing. I just wish them peace.

  18. I have to say that my heart hurts so much because of what happend to Elisabeth. I Can’t even comprehend the cruelty that she was subjected to by her own unimaginable bastard of a monster that is supposed to be her father. I have been watching interviews with the police and doctors and such and it seems to me that something is being covered up especially with Fritl’s wife. I mean lets get serious here, How in god’s name could she not of known anything!? How could she not have sensed anything? Elisabeth’s soul left her body the day that her father raped her the first time. I appreciate the fact the she and her kids aare getting all the help that they need, but she will never ever for the rest of her life recover. The horrific atrocities that has happen to her is to great. She may be close to her kids but not the way it should be. Her kids are and always will be a reminder of what she went trough.
    When Joseph gets convicted he will only face 15 years in jail. And only 20 if he is found to have a connection in the murders of 3 other girls. 15-20 YEARS. THAT’S IT. What kind of a sentence is that!? I will pray (Probobly wont do any good) that he gets rapped every single day of his miserable life by every prisoner that can get their hands on him.
    My thoughts are with all the victims. The children may still have a chance, but for Elisabeth….her life was over 24 years ago.

  19. i do not believe that elizabeth’s life is over — she is only just now beginning her life anew — she has a long road ahead of therapy, education and joy — yes, joy will take her to a different, higher level of her life — she will go down in history as one of the most courageous, strong amazing women of this century who ifeel will give strength, empowerment and inspiration to women suffering around this globe — sort of like a mother teresa figurehead — may G-d bless her and her family especially kerstin who is slowly recovering, may they be returned to good health, physically and mentally and live their lives in good health, love, peace and blessings–

  20. i do not believe that elizabeth’s life is over — she is only just now beginning her life anew — she has a long road ahead of therapy, education and joy — yes, joy will take her to a different, higher level of her life — she will go down in history as one of the most courageous, strong amazing women of this century who ifeel will give strength, empowerment and inspiration to women suffering around this globe — sort of like a mother teresa figurehead — may G-d bless her and her family especially kerstin who is slowly recovering, may they be returned to good health, physically and mentally and live their lives in good health, love, peace and blessings–

  21. elizabeth’s story inspired me so much.she’s still alive and fighting for her child.24 years in dungeon house is very difficult for a teenager,daughter,woman and for a mother.
    thank you elizabeth for loving your child,loving your self.
    fight eli fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    josef’s story is so painfull,full of agony,raping your own daughter,killing your own child,keeping secret for 24 yrs,being insane and mentally ill “is not a choice”
    no one is perfect,all of us has a “bad” and “good” side. Accidentally josef’s bad side has a higher percent than good.josef is not lucky to his life,be thankful we are lucky.dont judge anyone.
    As a person i know how to love and i know how hate people but i dont know why(i cant say that i understand josef)i want to tell josef that god still love you.
    just ask for forgivness…

    to all of us no one can tell who is sinner who is good who is perfect only god can tell.
    be thankfull that we are not josef fritzl.what if?we are in place of josef?

    to rosemarie,children of elizabeth,elizabeth…
    dont worry we pray for the fast recovery of all of you.

    god knows what will happen next.

  22. “Dendenxyro” (31st. May) has got it all wrong! Josef Fritzl does not just have a “bad side” accidentally. He is and has been for most of his life, to judge from the evidence, thoroughly wicked and dishonest. But I cannot swallow this sentimental garbage that Fritzl can count on God’s love, regardless. “Just ask for forgiveness”??!! – really? He himself seems totally unable to appreciate the depths of his sin and utter sinfulness. And as for his tame lawyer, Meyer, he brings lawyers further into disrepute.

  23. Why not put Fritzl’s attorney in that room and let her experience his mental illness. I think she will think twice before defending scum like that again.

  24. for elizabeth, i am so amazed for the strength that you’ve given for your kids and for your life. Living underground for 24 years and a sick person countinuously doing bad to you and kids is unbelievable and horrific.

    Please accept my prayers for you and the children.
    GOD will take care of you and your family.

    for josef, GOD always give punishment for wrong doings.

    for AUSTRIA, hope Elizabeth will get the JUSTICE for this.

    GOD Bless you and your Family Elizabeth…

  25. I think this freaky monster nust be given the following punishment. He must be tied down in a way he can’t move an inch. Elizabeth and her kids should be given sharp knives or weapons and leave them alone with this bastard in public. They should kill him millimeter by millimeter everyday. Forget the freaky government of Austria, if GOD sayas this is wrong then I refuse to believe in such GOD.

    Nothing can be enough for what Elizabeth has gone through.

  26. First of all, what a relief to read all your comments! I knew the world must be horrified but I felt like no one could have been as horrified as me. I related to one of the comments “anonymous” who said that she thought about it in the middle of the night and all the time and that it was ruining her life. I would tell myself that I had to think about something else and then a few minutes later, I would be envisioning the horrors of it all over again. I agree with another poster – that it’s the most horrible thing I have ever heard of – ever! Even when people have gone through horrible things in history like having to survive in concentration camps – at least some people have good memories and normal family life that serves as stability as to what was once normal. I think the PERVERSION is what makes this story the most hideous. People have suffered and endured horrible things throughout history but I have never heard of someone having to suffer in such a PERVERTED way. Without God, Elisabeth will never be normal. There is no way possible. Elisabeth needs a miracle. We try in vain to imagine how she could possibly get her life back but this situation is beyond human ability. It will take God and God alone. Let’s pray for God to heal Elisabeth and do for Elisabeth what can’t be humanly done. I thought what I would say to Elisabeth if I could talk to her. What could I say? What possible comfort could I give her? One day I thought, “This is waht I would say:”

    “Elisabeth, you didn’t have to die to go to Hell; you’re one of the few people who has actually experienced what Hell is like while being on this earth. but now god is holding out a bright, new future to you . . . days full of sunshine from here on! In fact, oddly enough, the future that god holds out to you is better than what awaits a lot of people when they die. Take it, Elisabeth! We love you!

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