Obama scares me

After watching Dreams of Obama, I have less doubts that he was, during the last many years, consequently crawling up toward this one goal: becoming the president of the United States. He was determent, his tactics worked, and if not, he would change them, until they worked…

I see more ambition in him than before. I see more determination to achieve his status than to really improve the lives of many. I see more of “claiming the ladder” carrier toward becoming the one on the top, than serving the community of the needy around him.


He is a good politician, he can calculate his moves with a great precisions, and he scares me… We will see what else was he dreaming of for this country…the time of his life time has come…

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3 thoughts on “Obama scares me

  1. I honestly believe he is the antichrist. People laugh when I tell them that but I am completely serious. It is not unbiblical. No one has been able to prove to me he isn’t biblically, speaking. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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