what is left of the West


Excerpt from the interview with Mother Teresa: ( by the way, she prayed four hours a day)


You and Pope John Paul II have spoken out against life-styles in the West, against materialism and abortion. How alarmed are you?

Mother Teresa:

I always say one thing. If a mother can kill her own child, then what is left of the West to be destroyed? It is difficult to explain, but it is just that.

Exerpts from Abortion Tv:

Why Abortions Are Performed

  • The overwhelming majority of all abortions, (95%), are done as a means of birth control.

  • Only 1% are performed because of rape or incest;
  • 1% because of fetal abnormalities;
  • 3% due to the mother’s health problems.

Source: Central Illinois Right To Life

Reasons Women Choose Abortion (U.S.)

  • Wants to postpone childbearing: 25.5%
  • Wants no (more) children: 7.9%
  • Cannot afford a baby: 21.3%
  • Having a child will disrupt education or job: 10.8%
  • Has relationship problem or partner does not want pregnancy: 14.1%
  • Too young; parent(s) or other(s) object to pregnancy: 12.2%
  • Risk to maternal health: 2.8%
  • Risk to fetal health: 3.3%
  • Other: 2.1%

Source:Bankole, Akinrinola; Singh, Susheela; Haas, Taylor. Reasons Why Women Have Induced Abortions: Evidence from 27 Countries. International Family Planning Perspectives, 1998, 24(3):117–127 & 152 As reported by:The Alan Guttmacher Institute Online:

baby aborted at 22 weeks

According to LifeSiteNews.com, Obama is planning to implement unrestricted abortion in the USA by signing Freedom of Choice Act, which would nullify any state or federal laws blocking or restricting abortion and invalidate any limitations the Supreme Court has put on abortion.

A proposed “Freedom of Choice Act” is not about freedom at all, says cardinal Justin Rigali, the chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities.

Cardinal Justin Rigali, archbishop of Philadelphia, pointed out the faulty logic in the proposed act in a letter Friday to all members of Congress.

The act “would deprive the American people in all 50 states of the freedom they now have to enact modest restraints and regulations on the abortion industry. FOCA [the Freedom of Choice Act] would coerce all Americans into subsidizing and promoting abortion with their tax dollars. And FOCA would counteract any and all sincere efforts by government to reduce abortions in our country,” the cardinal affirmed.

Cardinal Rigali warned that the act is not a mere codification of the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion. Instead, it would affect anti-abortion laws and policies that are in effect because they do not conflict with Roe v. Wade. These include such things as policies to protect women’s safety, parental rights and informed consent.

“The operative language of FOCA is twofold,” Cardinal Rigali explained. “First it creates a ‘fundamental right’ to abortion throughout the nine months of pregnancy, including a right to abort a fully developed child in the final weeks for undefined ‘health’ reasons. No government body at any level would be able to ‘deny or interfere with’ this newly created federal right.

“Second, it forbids government at all levels to ‘discriminate’ against the exercise of this right ‘in the regulation or provision of benefits, facilities, services, or information.’ For the first time, abortion on demand would be a national entitlement that government must condone and promote in all public programs affecting pregnant women.”

The prelate included a legal analysis of FOCA’s possible consequences with his letter to Congress.

“Members of both parties have sought to reach a consensus on ways to reduce abortions in our society,” wrote Cardinal Rigali. “However, there is one thing absolutely everyone should be able to agree on: We can’t reduce abortions by promoting abortion. […] No one who sponsors or supports legislation like FOCA can credibly claim to be part of a good-faith discussion on how to reduce abortions.”

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  1. well for me i think abortion is just wrong.I mean a woman decieds she wants to have sex and don’t want to use a confom or use birth control but when some women find out that they are pregnant they freak out say I don’t want to keep the baby.Well if you don’t want to keep your child give it to some other couples that can’t have kids yea think of other people.I mean why take a child’s life cuz if you have a abortion later on in life you’ll be thinking about what u had done to something that could’ve been so precious.Im 17 years old and if i got pregnat i would take care of my baby the best way I can.And if you love god just remember you are destroying wut god had made.But also abortion can damage a woman’s body too.but why destroying something that can be so precious who cares if the father don’t want to be in his son or daughter’s life he’s the one that has to live his life in hell.And also I haven’t had my father and my mom struggle alot just to keep me and my brothers fed but she done her best and i loveher for that.So please think about what you are doing.A child can change ur life although its epensive to take careof a child.But guess what its life deal with it

    1. what about the people who cant afford a child? it’s cruel to give a child away, not knowig if it will be safe or not, the other family may abuse him/her or treat them as unequal. I’m 14, and i would have it aborted due to my age and because of the risk of the child not living or having a defect, and that fact i have a high chance of not survivng. it is better to abort the child, then give it a life of pain. ys, if you do it and get pregnant and can take care of him/her, are healthy enough, i advise you do not abort. To be honest, i think it is best to stay netrual, depends on the situation if it is wrong or right. In the end, it is up to the mother bearing the child, not others.

      1. little girl, you are 14 and you are not mature enough to even think you can say anything about this….No offense but no one is gonna take horrible advice like that….especially from a 14 yr old. What if YOUR mother aborted you? You may not be on this earth right now….Maybe in about 5-10 years you can say how you feel but ur way too young right now sweetie….

        1. Maybe you should be careful patronising others calling them ‘little girl’ when you are unable to spell ‘offense’ properly =/ seems a bit hypocritical…
          It is so rude to tell someone that they are too young to have an opinion. Absolutely disgusting. Whether her opinion is right or wrong, she is entitled to express it without being shot down by someone who thinks they have the right to pass judgment on what people can and can’t do.

      2. First off if you’re 14 and stupid enough to be having sex at such a young age you should consider adoption open adoptions are better choices if you feel its “cruel” to give your child away… it cruel to kill somebody and its one of the ten commandments “thou shalt not kill” and yet you’d have an abortion? you’re ridiculous and ignorant. you are nothing but a child and shouldn’t even be considering doing things that married people and “adults” do, because clearly you are not responsible enough to make the right choices.

        1. oh please! no women takes an abortion lightly! listen to yourself! ‘ten commamdments!’ this aint a bible bashing site so piss off to another site! are you even a women? thou shall not kill!!! until a baby is past 8 weeks it is considered an embryo (cells!) and there after a featus. everyone is entitled to their opinion and I think that 14year old is more adult than you! and if she were unfortunate enough to find herself in an unwanted situation, it would be an adult that makes that decision for her! so what does that tell ya!

      3. if you cant afford a baby ten stop having sex! how dare you even say that, have you seen what abortion is? murder! have shame!

        1. that is your opinion, have YOU even had one to understand what happens? probably not, your going on what you see, and these anti-abortion people will show you the worst! stop being so bloody judgemental, as I said before, sex is a natural thing, yes people should take precautions but even they can fail, would you still slag someone off then? what about when your almighty god, (as you all seem to believe it him) causes a miscarrige? he he also ‘disgusting’? you make me sick!

          1. You should have been aborted so you wouldn’t be here talking “twat”. If you ever even took the time to read the bible, you would think different about abortion and would know more about god. God NEVER take lives away his original purpose was for humans to live on earth eternally. Adam and Eve did not follow instructions given by god, therefore consequenses hapenned. God gave humans free will to make their own desicions, we are imperfect because of Adam and Eves decision… Death happens, it’s one of those consequenses . God does not just take lives away, he gave us life. God had so many chances to just zap us out of existence. So why do Women choose to end a life by abortion Like it’s nothing? Those cells are of a PERSON in the making. Psalms 139: 13-16. Read it please. God loves life.
            Mathew 10:28-31 says: Do not become fearful of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; but rather be in fear of him that can destroy both the soul and body. 29 Do not two sparrows sell for a coin of small value? Yet no one of them will fall to the ground without your god’s knowledge. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 therefore have no fear you are worth more than many sparrows.” Imagine how god feels when he sees these babies being aborted left and right.

            1. Some people here are so narrow minded. I know this discussion ended months ago but I am absolutely disgusted.
              I would just like to say the member “LovingMyPregnancy<3" is an absolute joke and I find it comical how she can quote the bible to us as if she were one of Jesus' disciples herself and then call someone a "twat" in the same post. Also I quite like the way she is 100% against abortion yet is quite happy to tell someone that they should have been aborted. haha! hypocrite!
              Surely you have actually just agreed with the post you were trying so hard to contradict. Fool!

      4. ohh so ur worried about the family the child is given to abusing him/her but ud be prepared to kill him/her urself? im 11weeks pregnant and i wouldnt do anything to harm my child…i dont know how anyone could. its murder and ppl should be jailed for it

        1. abortion is a catheter that is placed into ur babys skull and then crushes the skull and the brain 😦 and yes they feel it 😦 enough said, ur just as good as any murderer out there if you have an abortion if not worse,cus people (…), a foetus is innocent! i actually have no pity even if a girl is raped she shouldnt be able to abort her child. i think its sick

  2. abortion is wrong i think a human life starts at conception and if a mother can kill her child, shame on her. No matter what the circumstance is you should still love the child, and let it live its life, some people have abortions because of rape, but yet its still not the childs fault,you shouldn’t need to take away a kids life because of it, you should be able to get your mind over the rape and give your child life.

    1. this isn’t about love, it’s about the right to choose. no birth control is 100% effective so there is always a chance of pregnancy; and what if the mother can not afford to raise the child? it would be born into a disadvantaged situation. In some circumstances, it is far less cruel for the child to never have lived then to be born into poverty or abuse. it is cruel of you to say that these women should be ashamed, it is a hard decision to make, and does not occur without great amounts of guilt. Abortion doesnt arise from a lack of love, sometimes people just are not in a situation in which they can raise a child. It is not cruel, it is not hateful, it is just an unfortunate truth.

    1. Actually – this baby is 22 weeks. There have been only 2 instances of a child surviving being born at that gestational age. This far along is a sin and I think is wrong. But as a pregnant woman – I considered abortion too and until you are faced with a decision, you know NOTHING. To each there own – and SHAME on all of you women passing judgment on other women for their PERSONAL decisions. You preach about God – yet God says do not judge each other.

      1. thank god! a women with sense! I am also pregnant and have had an early abortion years ago, I think I am well within the knowledge to comment on this site. I reallly hate it when people start quoting the bible, it a loada tosh! personnel decisions, personnel circumstances!

    1. Its not not pictures that are gross and wrong…. it’s the fact that these poor souls.. CHILDREN were murdered while still growing in their mother’s wombs. That is what is GROSS and WRONG here. If you are for abortion then you need to know what happens during an abortion (don’t look away THIS is the CHOICE YOU made) … the babies are the victims..not us. We are alive because our mother’s didn’t abort us. I don’t judge. God is my judge and he will judge all actions of others as well. Just because technology allows people to abort pregnancies DOES NOT mean that it’s ok or right in any way. Those babies FEEL pain.. they hurt.. and then they die. They didn’t ask to be conceived no more than their parents asked to become pregnant. So if it’s a choice that the woman wants then I say she should have chosen to keep her legs closed in the first place.

      1. another twat! piss off to a bible bashing PLEASE!!!! bet you do a handful of things YOUR god does not approve of! and do some more research b4 you start stating who is feeling what! any plus a doctor needs to evaluate a womens mental state (2 DOCTORS) prior to authorising a termination! and as I said to the other twat above, what about when your lord causes a misscarrige? is he not the sinful one then? arghhhhh!!! cant stand people like you! about keep your legs shut! keep your MOUTH SHUT!

  3. This is unjustified murder. Where are the baby’s rights, and who gives you the right to take the life of another when you created it. It’s simple don’t have sex if you are not prepared to face all the possible outcomes.

  4. Nobody has an abortion lightly. Would you force your own daughter to have a child she did not want or was not able to care for? Unless you are prepared to fund and run a massive adoption and foster care infrastructure, abortion is inevitable.

    1. yehh i for1 would force my daughter to give birth if she was pregnant… but hey…ur prepared to murder your possible daughter so who are u judging?


  6. I hate Obama, too… And I definately agree with Sara! The only reason I think abortion should happen is if it will definately kill the mother. And if the mother doesn’t want her own child, put him or her up for adoption so people like me can have children. 😛

  7. i am 20 years old with 3 kids 2 2year old twins and a 5 month old andi ust found ourt im pregnant. Me and my husband do pretty good he owns a businnes and wehave a nice house. I am getting an abortion, with my other two pregnancies i has EXTREMEM morning sickness and was unabvle to get out of bed, i even lost 20 pounds,there is no way i could care andlove for the kids i already have and be so miseravly sick i love my kdis to death and THEY COME FIRST its not fair to neglect themand be a a bad parent becuase of an accident and yes it was my fault for being irresponsible. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 3 years ago and thats why we chose to get pregnant in the first plave becuase there was a good chance i wouldnt be able to ocnceive after i got the surgery, i think abortion in alot of cases is wrong. but in my situation i had cancer i dont put harmful medicines into my body i fear of getting cancer again i am so scared of plaving things near my cervix and so scared of teh chemicals in birth control you may not get it but removing cancer from your cervix is EXTREMEMLY PAINFULL and scary. and i was too young to get my tubes tied. i know its easy to critize women but its not alwasy a choce soe women are raped and forced and dont think tehy should have to mother a strangers baby, or maybe were a victim of insect and are scared of deformalities, ot matne the baby has a life threatnign condition that could kill thaem at birth, maybe the baby is putting the mother at rish to die!!! its not all irresposible women using abortion as birth conrtol THAT ia why women have a right to chose. I CANT be pregnant and take care of my kids i CHOSE to put the babies i already have FIRST im not sorry if you disagree but it is MY choice. its not fair to them. i mean could you handle 4 kids under the age of 3 with one income? THIS IS AMERICA. A FREE COUNRTY, you guys are women maybe you should think about being raped and then being pregnant and not being able to chose weather or not you want to have this baby…. its pretty imature to think a woman should have no choice to say when enough is enough

    1. you should be proud of yourself for being so strong and caring toward your children. I hope you are well and happy, and that you continue to recover from your illness.

    2. You write that I should think about being raped and what not… but I want you to think about what it would be like if someone came along and killed one of the children you claim to care so much about… because that is what you are doing… killing one of your own children.

      A woman shouldn’t be able to choose because while it is her body… a baby has it’s own body! and that isn’t hers. She should have free choice because this is America? Where is that child’s free choice?

  8. why is it always the fault of the woman? does a man have no responsibility in this? women who are getting abortions should NOT be the only ones condemned if men hold NO repercussions. this is the exact reason abortions should be okay, if the female has to make and hold 100% of the responsibility it is not fair.

    1. A woman has to because her entire defense is it is HER body. There are a LOT of men out there who would choose for the baby to be born and he take care of it but the WOMAN says no.

      ‘I don’t want to get fat’ isn’t what I’d consider a good reason to have an abortion…

  9. Please check out http://www.hopeafterabortion.com Your babies are already alive and the ways they are ripped off are very nasty. Unfortunately, yes, you have the power of killing them since they cannot defend themselves. Unfortuately, your pain is just starting you will live with guilt, pain, remorse, emptyness and many other psicological conditions the rest of your life. And wait until you tell your kids that you got rid of their baby sister or brother. Read the stories of people that still mourn the death of that baby brother or sister in the womb. In the contrary, watching ths program of “I didn’t know I was pregnant”, all the women there, week after week, give birth because of an “accident” like you call it (a baby is not an accident), and I have never seen or read about any regret. A mother that gives their child in adoption and gives this little person a chance to live, then truly is a real loving mother. And as a final note, did you know than less than 1% of abortions happen because of rape and less than 1.5% due to the mothers health risk?

  10. Yu Guys i think abortion is wrong. Its the womans fault for having sex and getting pregnant. A person is a person no matter how small. If you grew up and had a life then the baby should to. Abortion is like murder its illegal so abortion should be too

  11. awww i alomost cried cuz its so sad but if you saw that before the mother killed the child this child could of have had a life and loved its mother and father to beome a good child but these babies who got abortions would of not had a famliy to love or follow in its foot steps but im sure God would have tooken these children and made them whole again to actully have a loving family who will treat them right. Every kid deserves to be treated right no matter their gender or their illness or their disorders no matter what. God wants every child treated right and so do i. God has a really good point.

  12. Abortion is an ugly thing, but sometimes necessary, if a woman got pregnant from being raped, i think she should have the right to terminate the pregnancy, doctors also give the option of abortion to women who have very high risk pregancies where mother or baby could be in danger of losing their life. Rules are necessary in the universe to prevent chaos but not everything is black and white, there is a gray area. I believe in EXTREME circumstances abortion should be an option, but women have to be responsible and rational these days, not act out of impulse and then have a poor creature pay for it. God is wise and im sure having an abortion wont send a woman straight to hell, abortion is not the only sin, many people indulge in far worse and its not punished nor looked upon as negatively as abortion by society but, since its convenient for people its allowed, just like adultery, among other things.

  13. Get over yourselves. There are too many people on this planet. We are parasites. If a mother decides she can’t care for a child properly then she should be rewarded for making the best decision for her and the earth. And that aborted baby pic above is not 22 weeks. A 22 week old baby has white hair-no matter what the race-because pigment hasn’t begun to develop yet. It was probably a miscarriage at 30 weeks.

    1. Because you’re the expert right? You’ve just been around so many abortions that you can tell? LOL right…

      My husband has a little cousin who was born at 24 weeks… Not only is she alive and fine but she came out crying on her own and had dark brown hair. And I’ve heard the same about those who come younger.

      If you’re going to act like you know what you’re talking about… make sure that what you’re saying is at least factual!

  14. I pray for the people that are pro-choice. Someday they will realize the consequences of their thoughts. Also, the almost mothers made their choice, to have sex.

  15. Oh, so everytime sombody has a miscarriage the baby comes out chopped up and falling apart? I guess i never knew that and the mother must have been prtty f-ed up to take a pic after.
    Ms.Right or Mr.Right, I dont think you have any idea what youre talking about.

  16. Abortio nis murder do we not ralize that not just on living human being cries out but a whole generation that will never be cries out to our heavenly fathere b/c of one choice..the first three days that a baby is developing nerves and vessels develope for god sakes do not think that if there are nerves there are feelings why yes that is right …..Cats reproduce cats dogs ,dogs AND HUMANS REPRODUCE HUMANS it is a living human being living within in you and it is a sin to kill you baby it is like slapping god in the face and sayin no thank you it wasnt good enough for me …those of you that continually do it one right after the other there is going to come that day when you want a child but guess what you wont be able to have one wouldn’t that be a shame and then there are those men and women who cant concieve and here you are killing 4.6 million a year how sad is that but i do know one thing they are in heaven and if you are fortunate you will get to see that child one day i i cant tell you is that repentance is somewhere to start

  17. first of all, life is unending, so just because a woman chooses to not give birth to a child, it doesn’t mean that it won’t have a chance. doesn’t everything have a soul? so, it won’t be able to enter that body, but what about another one. Humans aren’t just material things, when the fetus is growing inside the woman, it’s not fully living, because the soul isn’t entered to it yet. ughh, everyone should have choice, no matter what people say. telling someone they can’t have an abortion (when they wish to), is like telling someone they have to have an abortion (when they don’t want to)… of course everyone has there opinion, but if abortions were to illegal, just think of how many woman would be injured from attempting to get rid of there baby in some other form..

  18. ithink abortion is just plain wrong if you have an abortion you are destroying GOD’s gift to you. You are destroying a perfect human being. How would it be if your mom decided that didnt want you anymore and said ill just get rid of it. I feel sorry for all those woman who destroyed their childern but im happy that all the babys souls are in heaven

  19. Ok people. Did you ever think maybe women get abortions for other reasons than just “oh I had unprotected sex, let me kill my child”? Women abort babies for many reasons. Did you ever think of the women who get abortions because they would die- or worse – the child would die? What about girls who are raped by a family member or a complete stranger? Why should they have to carry a child for 9 months that they didn’t ask for, or even agree to have? Imagine the psycological effects that would have on a preteen or a teenager or any women for that matter? And I know what some of you are going to say … there’s always adoption. What about the dirty looks and remarks teenagers would get in school or from adults for being pregnant, when it’s not even their fault? Why should they suffer? For those of you who are talking about God, religion isn’t even a concrete piece for why abortion should be illegal, considering there’s so many religions in the world, esp. the United States. Why do people get so caught up in abortion when there’s HUNDREDS of other pregnancy issues at hand that get left in the dark. For example, fetal alcohol syndrome. Something mother’s CHOOSE to do to their child for SELFTISH reasons. Instead, people are talking too much about abortion when there’s so many legit reasons for abortion. I agree, people who get abortions just because they later decide they don’t want the child, when they clearly didn’t take the time to make sure they didn’t get pregnant in the first place. After all, why punish the unborn child for something that it couldn’t control? But don’t just sit there and say abortion is wrong PERIOD because as I have stated before, there are some reasons why abortion would be the only way.

  20. To all the Pro-Abortionists:
    I don’t agree with abortion, but, under EXTREME circumstances I think possibly that it should be ok. BUT no matter what you say, or how you try to justify it, a woman finds out a pregnancy from 4 weeks pregnant when it’s so tiny and not yet even a heart beat yet that they can get an abortion IF needed in the extreme, at a VERY early stage. What we see in the picture above and in many various other places of LATE TERM ABORTIONS is the most horrific, disgusting, CRIMINAL act a woman AND A DOCTOR can perform all because the woman CAN’T wait another 10 weeks OR LESS to give birth to a healthy child and give themselves a chance to love them OR to place that beautiful child into the loving arms of couples that will love, cherish and nurture that child for the rest of their living lives. If you think allowing a child to be born breach, a doctor physically restraining the head from coming out, inserting a knife in the base of their skull, and severing the brain from the spinal cord is humane and PERFECTLY OK, then tell me, would you go to a ward of born premmies that are ALIVE, ones the SAME AGE and watch while a doctor cuts one up? Or would you fight for that child and yell and scream at that doctor that your a lunatic, leave that precious child alone!! Try thinking of it in a new light and see if you can still think of every unborn child as a faceless, nameless THING.

  21. Im pro-choice. A woman should have a choice over her body. Sometimes it’s not the mothers fault she fell pregnant (for instance rape), or it might be harmful, lethal even, to the mother & child. If a woman is raped & is forced to carry a child full term, even if she adopts it out, it can have serious lasting phsycological effects.
    abortion is not something women take lightly. It is a distressing choice to make, & while some do regret it, others are better off for it. My patner & I made that choice, & I’m glad we did. I love that child, but I do not regret what I did. I do wish there could of been a different set of circumstances though.
    For all those “Pro-Life” people out there, think about the mothers life to… Or does it count as nothing to you??

    1. Sure… it is her body… but what about that baby’s body? A baby isn’t part of a woman’s body… it is a seperate being with thoughts and actions of its own.

  22. One more thing… if you look closely at the picture of the “aborted” baby, it is actually whole. there is some blood which makes it look gory, & that is it. I do not agree with late term abortions, but early term is OK under selected circumstances.

  23. Go look at this link http://bibleprobe.com/abortion.htm and see if you can still reason it all out. The images in this link are far more graphic and tell the whole truth on what happens to these innocent babies. Like I said the ones that have an abortion EARLY I can accept even though I’d never do it, but I can understand. But the ones that do this to babies above a certain gestation are disgusting. And regarding Rape, while I can understand that alot of women would feel a confusion of disgust for their unborn child while trying to decide what to do especially regarding the circumstances of the conception, there are women, and I KNOW of women out there that have been raped that decided that child is half them, it there body that nourished the child, it their blood they shared, all the monster did was contribute a cell, that they decided to keep and they love their child with all their heart, mind and soul, these women are extraordinary and my hat goes off to them.

  24. Oh by the way, if you look at the site above, you need to look at the whole site. At the beginning there is alot of bible Christian based thinking, but what I want the people to see is the images further down. Beware, it will make your blood curdle and your stomach turn. Oh and to Katie, I agree the mothers life is important as well, but I ask you, is the life of the child not equally as important? Like I said if you read what I said, very VERY early abortion, although I could never do it, I can understand in some instances why some women feel they have no other choice. Also regarding the baby in the picture above, because the infant seems whole in the image, does the premature murder of this baby make it right? Lets face facts, depending on the gestation of the baby, abortion clinics use different methods to end the life. NO MATTER THE METHOD and no matter HOW it is done, unless it’s so early, b4 its had a chance to form, move, think, feel, it’s all murder. Being Pro-Choice comes at a cost as where, once being pro-choice, does a pro-choice person say enough is enough, you’ve overstepped the lines of choice for the sake of a mother into the area of murder at the cost of a fully formed baby? Does being pro-choice mean you accept ALL the choices made by women EVEN the wrong ones. By being wrong I mean the murder of a baby that if it were born has even a glimmer of survival like other LOVED premature babies.

  25. If women are going to have sex they need to take responsibility for the consequences. period. The only reason abortions should be allowed are in cases of rape. Young girls and even middle aged women act like its nothing to abort an innocent baby. What about all of the women that are unable to have kids?? Its called ADOPTION. Dont be selfish and kill your baby to make your own life easier!

  26. I think people who have abortian well yeah they do and it is there fault for not using protection and birth control and watever eles there is but i also think that when a girl or woman does that its a scar in there life later they suffer for killin that baby thats murder they done but i guess people need so much money they dont care whos life is goin away..i hope abortian does stop cause if we saw how many babies die each year it probly be a really big number

  27. im doing a school project on abortion and i know im young but i think it’s a horrible and disturbing thing. if your not women enough to take care of a child then your definately not old enough to be having sex. this careless act of needs to stop. abortion is NOT birth control so stop using it in that manner.

  28. I would never get an abortion unless there were extreme circumstances. I have two children and the opted to have my tubes tied, which took a few months of convincing the doctor to do, so that I couldn’t have any more children. The way I see it is that it is a person’s right to choose and they are the ones that have to live with the consequences of there actions or they can be content with their life but who are we to say oh your going to hell or that’s wrong, or baby killer. I have my own problems and worrying about Jane down the street having a abortion is not one of them. It’s her decision her life and I think people should just butt out.

  29. Why is it that every one associates “abortion” with birth control? Lets get one thing straight: the Collins concise dictionary defines an abortion as “1)To undergo or cause a woman to undergo the termination of pregnancy before the fetus is viable. 2)To cause a fetus to be expelled from the womb before it is viable.” among other definitions. This also includes MISSCARRIAGES, a normal & completely natural process. If you are in fact talking about ELECTIVE abortion, some are neccessary to save the mothers health or life. Not all women who have abortions a re cold hearted sluts who don’t give a damn. Some are actually loving, caring parents who have no other option.

  30. Many women say that it is their body and they can do what ever they want with it. Well maybe they should be more resposible with their bodies. Because when you have an abortion you are killing something very prescious. And yes, they have every right to do whatever they want with their bodies, but they have no right to take a life that is not theirs, wether it is their body or not. I don’t understand how some women have the money to get an abortion but they don’t have the money to go out and buy a box of condoms!

  31. Soo, i just turned 15, and im pregnant. I know you guys are probably thinking i’m a whore, but im not. I had sex one time. I know it is my fault, and im taking responsability for that.. I dont have a job, or anything. I think it’s really sad that im still alot younger then alot of other mothers, and im going to take care of a child, but older people then me can’t? Likee, under some circumstances i think abortion is the right thing to do, like if it was a danger to the mother, or un-born child, but NOT just for the mothers selfish needs. I would understand maybe wanting to get one if you like live in a box, and are realllllyyyy not suited for a baby. but there a girls now a days getting aborting just because they dont want strech-marks, and cant take on the responalibilty of a child. I’ll admit it, i have them all over my belly, my baby is now starting to kick, i think its the most amazing thing in the world to know theres a little life inside of me, i dont understand why you would want to hurt that merical growing in there, i think its so so wrong, and i dispise OBAMA now!

  32. Abortion is wrong and justifying it also wrong. The reason some have even visited this site is because their conscience is speaking to them and they need to find an audience listen to their disgraceful reasoning. Some say rape is a valid reason to have one. Think about this, if someone stole your car, do you have the right to steal your neighbor’s? No you don’t. The same applies to aborting a life which doesn’t not belong to you. SOME muslim husbands kill their wives if they believe they are departing from the faith. Is he justified? No. Her life is not his and so is the baby’s life not yours. Some think they can find justification especially if they believe it’ll only happen once, well what if you got pregnant 5 times. Do you think you can justify killing 5 babies. God is torn up over the death of his children and believe me He will pay back everyone who justifies the killing of his little ones.

  33. Also something cannot be both right and wrong. It’s either right or it’s wrong. Is stealing wrong? Yes. But wait! what if my family is hungry? Then it must be right! No, you just did a wrong thing to satisfy your needs. It cannot be justified. So ask the question, is abortion wrong, Yes it is. But what if I’m raped? Then I would “have the right” (it’s better to say “it would be right”, you’ll feel the guilt rise up in you). The answer is NO. You only did the wrong thing to accomplish your own desire. It cannot be justified.

  34. I think abortion is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!
    How would you like it if you got killed? I mean its just the same thing!
    If it was a girl just picture it! She never got to learn how to play hopscotch or pick out her first prom dress or do her nails!
    and with boys they never got to play with action figures or go camping or climb a tree.
    I mean I just think its unfair to not be able to live! Its wrong and cruel! At least put them up for adoption so they can enjoy life! Just one main thing. If your reading this DONT GET PREGNANT TO YOUNG!!!!!

    1. its not about being able to enjoy life rozlyn…the pure fact is abortion is murder…regardless of ur situation its hard cold murder

  35. I am very thankful for this site. It has changes my mind and now I am 100% sure I will not be considering an abortion! Thank you for saving my babies life!

  36. I don’t get what you’re saying Nikki. Abortion is right but putting up a picture of abortion is wrong? It’s like saying murder is right but displaying murder is wrong. You assess what you’ve just said Nikki. You’ll find out the truth for yourself.

    Anyone who is interested please watch this video.

  37. how is any abortion right ever? maybe those of you who think it is should look up dilation and evacuation abortion. and also why your at it look up partial birth abortion. then come back and tell me that you would do that to your child.

  38. I will make this as simple as i can for you. An egg has 23 chromosomes. A sperm has 23 also. When sperm meets egg they join chromosomes and im sure you can add. From the moment sperm meets egg it has a soul. So any abortion is murder. I understand how it can be argued that it is only murder past a certain point due to the fact that it is nearly impossible for people to detect the presence of a soul. Whether we are able to detect the soul or not does not excuse that it is a sin. I can not however understnd how people can try to pass of patial birth as abortion that is murder even by the worlds standerds. The doctor makes a hole in the back of the baby’s skull and opens the scissors to make the whole bigger and then inserts a tube to suck out the brains. They say that this is ok because they do not give birth to the whole baby and do not let it take its first breath. If this were right then i cld shoot someone while they were in mid sneeze and it wouldnt qualify as murder because in that instant all their bodily functions pause and they are clinically dead. just because a woman is unable to provide for her baby why is that an excuse for her to have it killed? Why should a rape baby be murdered? What did the baby ever do to deserved to be put to death?how can anybody who claims to love their current children get an abortion because they got really bad morning sickness and are afraid that they will be to sick to take care of their current children? Even when they claim to be well of on money? couldnt they just hire a baby sitter? They could but they wont because they are to scared of a little morning sickness to pay for their actions. I am fourteen years old and it took me less than three seconds to figure this out. But somehow a twenty year old woman is to cowardly to fess up for her actions. So i ask you clc what are you going to tell your current children happened to your baby? What lie are you going to make up because you are to much of a coward to even admit to being a coward. Having met your childrn, talking with them, tucking them in at night, watching them play/interact with other children, or fall and scrape their knee and cry from the pain or have a belly ache and beg you to make it stop because they dont understand why they are in pain or get scared of monsters under the bed or smiling and gigling when they ar happy would you murder them now? Would you? Could you live with yourself? I would hope so because that is what you are willing enough to do to your unborn helpless little baby. These are some places in the bible were abortion is mentioned: ex 21:22-25, job 31:15, isaiah 66:9, jeremiah 1:5a, jeremiah 20:17, isaiah 12:3, amos 1:13, luke 1:41.

  39. To Don, Rozlyn, D. & Craken.

    Just so you know, I am totaly against all late term abortions. However, SOME early term are OK. An abortion is not something we women take lightly. It is an extremely traumatic exerience. And I do agree with you that there are some selfish women out there, only looking for a quick fix. Not everyone is so. As I wrote in my above statements (see Katie from December 6, and Kiwi Girl), my life was directly threatened as a result of my pregnancy. And if anyone doesn’t believe me, I was suffering an ectopic pregnancy. The only “cure” for an ectopic pregnancy is… abortion. So, to sum it all up, if I had not of had the abortion, I would be dead, or left unfertile, & the little girl I’m expecting now would never have had a chance.
    Instead of dishing out on abortion, stand back & look at the bigger picture. There’s more to it than sluts wanting an easy way out.
    Oh, & Craken, at fourteen, somethings are still a little beyond your understanding hun.

  40. Craken, the video is for those who don’t fear God. Abortion is murder and he doesn’t take it lightly. Katie, when you hear wisdom you should grab it and run with it, even from a fourteen year old. Basically you’re saying katie ,that it is a necessary evil, and you pick you over the child. It might so cold and I don’t wish that on anyone I promise you, but there are many selfless parents who have chosen otherwise.

    1. “her or the child” – dude – if the mother dies then so does the fetus. Duh. Abortion is the lesser of two evils.

  41. D. to be honest, I agree with Cracken. I didn’t see any relevance either. No mention of abortion. I know, love and fear God but I also don’t believe in Hell the way you do. Hell is a Greek work for Covering. When you die ALL people go to Hell, it’s six feet under, basically the grave where you then stay “sleeping” until the return of Christ to Earth where judgement takes place and those found worthy will enter the Kingdom of God as Immortal beings. All those will go on as if they never existed. If you don’t think that enough suffering, what about those here on earth that are going through the worst things imaginable. Women in Africa that have to watch there babies and children die a slow death of starvation, have to listen to them wimpering and screaming in agony because there little tummies feel like there being torn in two with the unimaginable pain of hunger and starvation. Or the people that are innocent, walking along somewhere when some nut decides to blow themselves up and anyone else caught in a certain radius of them, and if their not lucky enough to die immediately, have their arms blown off, or legs, or lose the life of their child or loved one. I’m sorry, but certain streams of Christianity, not all, but certain ones, are too quick to jump onto taking things in the bible in the literal sense instead of doing thorough bible studies to glean the “truth” from what God has provided us.
    Also as a cautioning, I wouldn’t be too quick to judge who you think WILL and WILL NOT be saved. Katie(kiwi girl) must have had to go through a very traumatic decision in being told what kind of pregnancy she had, I don’t believe in Abortion, but even I know there has to be certain exceptions. I think God knows that in her heart had the pregnancy been safe, I’m sure Katie wouldn’t have taken that path and God would know that it was a case of do nothing or lose BOTH Katies AND the babies lives which would have helped no-one. So have some Heart.
    And remember the quote:
    “Judge not lest ye be judged”
    to 15 yr old Katie, honey, your not a slut, you made some choices that you may have been too young to make and right now your taking responsibility for your choices so I applaud you. Motherhood is the most, joyful, rewarding and sometimes scary experience you’ll ever have in life. In scary I mean from the instant you hold that precious bundle in your arms you realise that you’ve never loved anything more in your entire life. Just try to surround yourself with goods people, ones that will support you when you feel like it’s all getting too much, all mothers have that, don’t think that all mothers breeze through, they don’t. But the joys help to pull you through the tough times and in the end you’ll always have the love of your child.
    This also applies to Lindsay, well done to the both of you. You’ll never regret it =)

  42. I will admit I am pro-choice, but only under very strict and limited conditions. If you want to get an abortion, you better have a very, very, VERY good reason as to why you want to get an abortion. Also, if you do decide to get an abortion then you should be forced to get one before 12 weeks. After that it is truly your responsibility and you have to deal with whatever happened. To the young girls having sex, you decided to spread your legs, so you must deal with what comes out nine months later.

  43. I think that everyone should mind their own business. I feel that every woman has a right to her own body, the world is over-populated, and that CHOICE is an important thing. Whether or not you believe abortion is right or not, another woman’s body is not anyone elses to control. Pregnant women make their own choices, and if someone is desperate to have an abortion and there is a law against it, they WILL find a way to get rid of the child. Abortions will become just like drugs. Go behind this ally way and I’ll use a less safe way then there once was to remove the body from yours. There will be a better chance of infection and illness too you, but at least you might not get caught making a choice about your own body against the law. Mind your own businesses, and let others live their lives, whether or not you agree with their choice. America is supposed to be a place of freedom and tolerance, respect even, but that will never be achieved to it’s fullest extent. There will always be people who meddle, discriminate, and believe they know everything, or enough to make choices for others. Grow up and look after yourselves, and for those who pray for the souls of the Pro-Choice believers, you have one less person to pray for. Save your breath and time and skip over me, I don’t need your God if he believes woman don’t have the right to make a decision for themselves.

  44. You know that’s what makes God so beautiful. His glorious law which convicts the world of sin and His even more glorious grace by which we all can be saved. So that’s real great news for those who have already aborted their children! You can be forgiven. Just repent (be sorry and stop), ask Jesus to forgive you, ask him into your life and choose to follow him. If you do that you’ve been made right with God!

  45. What if I don’t want to be made right with god? What if don’t think that I God’s justification to do what I want with my body?

  46. I don’t think this issue of wether your a pro abortionist or a pro life is a religious issue. Religious perspectives should really remain a private matter to yourself. The real issue here is wether you fundamentally believe in the RIGHT to ALL creatures, born or unborn to be given the right to LIVE.
    How do you know that your not destroying a child that would, if given the chance to live, would grow up to have a profound impact on the lives of millions of people? Without allowing that child to be born, to be able to fulfill his/her potential, you’ll never find out. Its about possibilities. You take possibilities out of life, there’s nothing.

  47. But there is also the possibility that the child will grow up, foster home to foster home, living an emotionally impaired life because they were put in an orphanage, and they grow up to be an awful person that makes the world a worse place. Though I agree there are many options, I believe that the choice of having an abortion or not should be like your choice of religious perspective, private and to the mother. It should be her choice, not the laws or even the churches; hers, and hers alone.

  48. Look, in life everything lies on the WHAT IF factor. If all Pro-Choice people are basing their choices on the negatives then I really feel sorry for you. Life isn’t all about bad things. YES, bad things happen in life and YES sometimes sadly bad things happen to children born into families that don’t love them enough to care for them adequately. BUT out of those poor little angels that have been dealt a bad hand in life, there’s many mother’s that may have thought about abortion that decided their child was worthy of life and a fighting chance that are born into families that care for them greatly which grow up and live a full life full of love and all that comes with it. Also, yes I agree that a woman should be able to make choices for herself BUT once she has sex and falls pregnant, it’s not just about HER body because there’s also ANOTHER body WITHIN her body, this actually gives her more responsibility to make not just a selfish choice saying only ME ME ME ME ME it has then become a far bigger picture.
    For those that think they can sleep with men (I’m talking willingly, not forced) have some “fun” and think they can live without consequences and NOT fall pregnant, are fooling themselves. Instead of choosing death, destruction and YES even murder, then maybe try abstinence, because THAT is the only way you WON’T have an unwanted pregnancy.
    Or is Pro-Choice only about having all the fun, then washing their hands of the consequences. I don’t know how a Pro-Choice person can look at images like what’s seen in this site and still sit there with no feelings in their hearts for those babies so viciously and savagely destroyed. I saw a video on you-tube that sowed a woman that allowed her abortion to be recorded via ultrasound as she was a pro-choice and feminist that had a similar attitude of My body My choice. The baby was 12 weeks gestation, she was convinced and believed that that “thing” inside her couldn’t feel, had no sense of it’s surrounds NOTHING but that it was only living through her body and beyond that it was just some unthinking unfeeling organism that had no right to life as it was HER choice, not IT’S choice.
    The ultrasound started out with an image of a fully formed fetus, placidly sucking it’s thumb, completely oblivious of it’s imminent demise. When the surgeon inserted the instrument to pierce the sac that contained the baby, it started to kick, it’s heart rate started to accelerate, then when the surgeon inserted the instrument that was designed to slowly slice this baby and suck it out piece by piece came near it’s back, the baby arched it’s back to try to get away from it, at this stage it’s heart is racing, it’s arms and legs are thrashing wildly in a desperate attempt to try to get a way from something that even though it’s not “smart enough” to know what it is, it still has the sense that it’s very life is in danger. But as you’d all know, no matter how much this baby tried to fight for it’s life, there was no escape from the surgeons knife as piece by piece, it was sliced and removed, first the feet, the legs, the arms, the torso then the skull was crushed and removed.
    The woman was shown the ultrasound after and was shocked beyond words, as everything she believed was shown to be a lie, right in front of her eyes there was proof of her babies useless fight for survival. According to the documentary, she is now Pro-Life thank goodness. The sad part is, it took her to witness the horrendous murder of her own baby to be convinced of how wrong and selfish it is to have an abortion if all is well with both mother and child.
    Maybe instead of making selfish choices about ME, go and do more research, think of the child instead of yourself.

  49. I’m Against This Whole Abortion Thing! I Think It’s Completely Disgusting,Wrong & Just Utterly Inhumane. Why Kill Something That’s Inside Of You! There Might Be Reasons Why They Would Have An Abortion Like For Example Being Raped Or Like Having Sexual Interactions With Her Boyfriend? If Lets Say They Were Having Sex & She Ended Up Pregnant. She New What She Was Getting Herself Into So Problems, Then Why Do It! You Know The Consequences For Having Sex Which Is Ending Up Pregnant! If You Didn’t Want Too End Up Pregnant Then Why Have Sex! Women/Young Girls Need Too Think About What Their Doing. And Too Think That This Happens Almost Day Around The Whole World Women Are Having Abortions. My Opinion Is That They Should Stop All Of This! I Know That Their Pro&Cons For The Controversial Issue Relating Too Abortions. They’re Are Yes&No’s Wrong’s & Rights.
    Another Reason Why This Is Wrong Is Because You Could End Up Being Really Sick. The Abortion May End Up Deadly. Or Who Knows What Might Happen! Or By Having Sexual Intercourse With Your Mate He Might Pass You Down Diseases Like STD’s And Then With That It Might Be Fatal T

  50. In my opinion I feel very strongly that teens my age choice to get an abortions when thats not the solution to thier problems. I feel that if you take the dission with the person your sexually interacting with you should be responsiable for the consequences and the issues you may face. The issue doesnt only mean to get preganat but you can get so many infections for having unprotected intorcorses. With the person you may think you know because they say they love you, you may never know if they have a sexually transmitted diseases and just because you think you know the guy you think that nothing can happen to you. Therefore the point is that teens and womens should really do studies in what thier really are getting into because this is a very serious argument and dessions. Womens and teens should think of thier child as a blessing no matter how difficult itsis or thier case in how they got pregnant and because the baby doesnt have the fault for the mistakes that happen in life.

  51. So Many Things Could Go Wrong By Just Having An Abortion! I Thick When The Girl Is At The Doctor’s She Should Think Twice About Going Through Her Actions. She Should Consult It.Or She Could Just Have The Baby And Give It For Adoption. Simple As That! People Don’t Think Now A Days. SAY NO TO ABORTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. if ur willing to have an abortion to murder your baby then you must be willing to walk up to a mother in the street who is out walking her new born baby and stab it to death….in the womb or not its still murder! im pregnant and would never think about it!

  53. What does America have that gives women some incentive to keep their baby? Or is AMerica only interested in decreasing their population? I live in Australia, and the government here have something called the Baby Bonus. Which is designed to help parents/mothers go towards expenses of a newborn. At the current time, the amount The Australian Government give per infant born is $5000. That’s per infant, so if you have twins its $10,000 etc. When they introduced it, it started at $3,000 with the intention to raise the amount $1,000 every 2 years until it reaches $8,000. Surley if the American Government truly cared about it’s people, they would have some incentive to encourage better choices. Maybe there’s a desperate girl out there that after telling her parents is kicked out of home. Maybe she wants to keep her baby, but out of desperation and feeling alone thinks that abortion is her only option. Don’t you think if America took a page out of Australia’s book that that young girl that really wants to keep her baby just might say, thankyou, I have some hope that I can at least provide a cot, a pram, some clothes and some blankets for my child, the rest can be worked out?
    It’s sad. For all the American Pro-Lifes out there reading this, the ones that can afford to do so, maybe set up a site, advertise with community agencies or whatever you have over there. If you can offer a young girl that’s been cut off and abandoned by her family, one that wants her baby but feels alone with no other options, offer her somewhere to stay, to get on her feet, a safe haven and instead of a lonley young girl doing something that maybe she’s never do under normal circumstances, something she’ll live with for the rest of her life, maybe, just maybe that young girl will look at you, glowing, holding her new baby girl or boy, smiling and say, Thank you for being there when I had no-one else, thankyou for saving my babies life.
    I only wish I was in a position to be able to do that.

  54. I think abortion should be a choice. Me and my boyfriend have been together for a very long time.. we both just recently turned 18 and now we are in a situation that we both knew was a possibility having PROTECTED SEX. Not everyone that gets pregnant is irresponsible and has unprotected sex. I’m on birth control and we use a condom everytime.. here we are.. I’m pregnant. Now reading all these arguments makes me upset because people talk about how awful it is.. your taking an innocent life. I do see the reasoning saying that but at the same time I will not consider adoption because currently there are so many childeren world wide that are in need of adoption right now. Why would I have my baby and find a family that cant have kids.. when they could adopt from third world countries where there are millions of kids in need of great homes. I’m not religious ether and I’m not discriminative towards people who are. If you’re religious and believe that god made us all to to bear childeren thats fine. To have an abortion is my personal choice. It complies with many factors but when it came down to making my final decision it doesn’t have anything to do with what everybody wants or thinks. Sometimes abortions are done for the wrong reasons and as selfish as this may sound I have so much life ahead of me and so does my boyfriend. Who am I to put a hold on anyones life. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but its also pure biology, I think its just a miracle we were created to endure such a thing. And I do want kids infact i want a large family when I’m older but not now I’m not ready. To have an abortion should be a choice.. not the best choice but sometimes is. To have an abortion is my choice.

  55. I also would like to comment that people who say they hate Obama thats plain immaturity. He may make a chouce that is strictly against what you believe in but he’s doing much more then just making abortions legal.. and you have to look at that as well.. I mean if you want to continue to have your soilders and our soilders (I’m from canada) die at war.. have people die because they cant afford private health care.. I mean no offence to Americans what so ever writing this but the way your country is ran compared to ours.. I feel so safe here and thinking about living there where there is no governement support in the serious matter of health care and other things is sad. I think Obama is a great choice its just unfortunate that he has made a decision that is such a touchy subject to all.. people need to argue the pros and cons of sometihng like this.. untill you cant argue it anymore.. and there may be more cons but there are so many situations us woman get ourselves into..every situation is different in its own ways.. and needed to be looked at differently without being so judgemental.


  57. Not everyone that gets pregnant just spreads there legs for guys… not to mention i’m on birth control and use a condom.. and you think that im just soo game for an abortion babylove. haha you make me laugh because its not easy for me to do something like it.. but its the best choice FOR ME. maybe not for you.. and its not murder.. its a ball of cells.. if you think its murder then everytime someone gets their period its murder.. oh and one more thing babylove i bet at the age of 15 you had sex plannin on gettin pregnant.. no probably not.. thats what i thought. things happen.

  58. Lacey, no matter how you try to justify your reasoning for abortion, it’s still not right, and you also got it in one, it IS a selfish act which you demonstrated by say…”but its the best choice FOR ME”.
    Please, all people that are pro-abortion, go to this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql_7jnp–UE&feature=related
    it’s a very short video which goes for approx 1 minute, but it’s the most simple and strongest video on abortion I’ve EVER seen, that invoked the true consequence and true victims of abortion. I hope and pray that by watching this, some of you that may be pregnant that are considering abortion might see this and see the injustice for what it is. I know it won’t stop all of you as alot of people have hardened hearts and in pure stubborness WILL NOT change their minds.
    Can I say to those girls out their, from a mother to girls that are in a position where they feel they have no other choice, for the ones that have been convinced by abortion propoganda that there’s nothing wrong with abortion. Some girls will likely go and get an abortion, then walk out of there never looking back and regretting their decision, but MOST of you WILL regret it. You’ll all know how far along you are, when you walk out of their, at first you might be convinced you did the right thing, but then regret will start creeping in, you’ll start seeing other girls/women that are pregnant, around where you’d be if you’d continued, then when your baby would have been due you’ll see little new borns and wonder..I wonder what my baby would have looked like…I wonder if I would have had a boy or girl…then as time goes by, you’ll be keeping track of when your baby would have turned 1…2…3…4…5..then it would be, my baby would have started school today…..to all the girls out there, just remember, it’s a woman’s natural instinct to want to keep our babies, we were made this way, wether you think it’s creation or evolution, our natures is this way no matter how you believe we all came into being…it’s the modern age we live in that convince girls from a young age that abortion is an option, your better to go on, live a career, fulfill your aspirations. What they don’t tell you all, is that you CAN have a child and do all that as well. Don’t think abortion is the way out, as it will only break your heart. It might not happen right away, but at some point in life it will hit you when you least expect it to.
    I’ve been in situations in my life, I’ve been in a bad relationship, that was abusive, I fell pregnant, when I told my partner he flipped out yelling at me to get an abortion, then when I said I can’t, he told me he would make me get rid of it if I didn’t, he’s Muslim, and was worried about his family finding out, I’m Christian and was also worried about my family. I’m from a very religious family, I wasn’t married, I was petrified about saying anything. I felt trapped by circumstance. I confided in my eldest sister, you along with her husband, gave me support while I told my parents who while shocked, were very supportive. My partner eventually calmed down enough, we did a quickie marriage (which was a HUGE mistake) but he never gave up trying to get me to abort. I felt he had the right to try to prove he could be a good person and father.
    Despite ALL of that, the most beautiful thing for me was feeling my baby grow, then I found out I was having a girl, I then felt even closer to her, then when I felt the little kicks start, which at first felt like little muscle twitches which eventually got stronger so I could see my tummy twitch everytime she kicked or moved. Towards the end, you can feel everything, when they’ve swallowed too quickly and they get the hiccups, your tummy bounces gently and rythmically with the hiccups. Finally when it’s time and she was placed in my arms, squinting up at my with her beautiful blue eyes, I said to her when everyone had left the room “I’m so glad I fought for your life, cause your the most precious thing in my life and always will be”

    I also have a 2 and a half year old son, who my ex reacted the same way too. I left him when I was 3 months pregnant.

    My baby girl just started her 1st day of Kindergarten(1st yr of school in Oz)

    I’m now in another relationship, engaged and expecting our first child together in July, so right now I’m experiencing the first kicks and we both can’t wait till thursday to find out if it’s a boy or girl. My daughter wants a baby sister, everyday she jumps into bed in the morning with my, hugs my belly and gives her baby “sister” a kiss, then before bed she does the same thing.

    I’ve never regretted ONCE at any stage, that I fought to keep my daughter, because everyday brings a new gift, a new smile, a new discovery. Don’t cheat yourselves out of this girls and most importantly don’t cheat your babies out of the opportunity to prove that they’re worth the choice to fight for THEIR lives.

    I hope that by sharing a piece of my life and difficulties a went through, it might help a few girls out there to fight for their son or daughter.

  59. katie, i know that the baby cannot live and you could get hurt to. i really do not know what i would do in your situation. my mom is a baby nurse and her and another woman at her work were handed a 28 week baby who was black and had no heart beat and were able to bring it back they got its pulse up in a few minutes. the baby lived and they had to send it to a better hospital because the hospital had a better nursery. The mother was sick and was very dehydrated so the chemical that usually gets realeased when its time for dilation was more consentrated because of the lack of water so she started contracting but the water didnt break so yahhh and she gave birth right there in the bed they didnt think the baby would live nut it did. a 30 weeks the baby can open and close his eyes and follow a light. at three months the baby will already have his little unique fingerprints. the nerves that allow him to FEEL develop in like the first two to three weeks or something like that. as does the heart liver etc.

  60. why would you wait till ur full term and have a partial birth? pregnancy is not comfortable why wouldnt u just give it up for adoption??? mabe because your scared or something?

  61. i can understand some womens reasoning for abortion such as possible health or developmental conditions but when u wait until you are 22 weeks and have felt that baby move how can u abort? as a woman who has miscarried it is just hard for me to imagine that someone could hate a helpless being who depends on you for everything, life included enough to terminate the pregnancy. thats why we have adoption. there are plenty of good, honest people who can not have children for whatever reason who would happily raise, love and support your child if you chose not too.
    if you were not responsible enough to take the proper steps to avoid pregnancy well obviously you are not mature enough to be having sex. i think if a woman goes in twice for abortions her tubes should be tied because it is WRONG

  62. I think abortion is wrong as you can see int he oicture up at the top tahats just not right if we get to live a good life why can’t all of these babies that have had abortion all im saying is that is is not right 100% to do abortion and that should be a law .

  63. Oh my gosh I despise stupid people who make decisions such as these! Who the hell do they think they are to snach away the life of a poor innocent child? What did they ever do to them??

  64. i cant believe i saw this.. i started 2 cry… how can someone do this to their child i dont care what the reason is just look at him he has everything developed not like that matters anyways abortion is just for women that cant take resopnsibility for their own actions weither u wanted it or not. i am 22 weeks pregnant and if i did this i would not b able to live with myself i think its murder… if you can kill your own baby and not get arested than why do others who kill get arested its the same does age not really matter? i mean come on he was moving around and kicking inside you… you couldnt feel that?

  65. i think abprtion is the most cruel thing any human can do!!
    its not the babys fault..the bby deserves to livee!!!

    ughhhhh >:@

  66. Um that’s not even what a late term abortion baby looks like, these people are just using shock/scare tactics. A baby that far along has it’s skull crushed and is dismembered.
    This is prolly a pic of a m/c or a mother who passed away and the baby was removed for an autopsy.
    And to keep a baby cause of rape? Yeah let that kid live it’s whole life knowing it was the product of horrific violence, good idea! That kid will go on to do great things in life I’m sure…(like become another rapist).

  67. Abortion. When I got pregnant, my now husband of 24 years told me to get one. When I asked him if he knew what it entailed. I told him, and he thanked me for informing myself and we had our first child several months later. I was 19. My brother’s girlfriend had two in the 1980s. In the 1990s, she got a brain tumor that caused her to be sterile. Now both her and my brother hate that she took away their children. They will never get a chance to be parents the normal way, and they are too poor for adoption or alternative methods. Another brother had a nervous breakdown after his girlfriend had an abortion just to go out with someone else. Another brother told his girlfriend that he wanted his child, but not a relationship with her. She was 22 weeks pregnant when she had an abortion and told him she “went into labor early”. She admitted that she aborted. He didn’t even see his daughter. The late-term abortion made her infertile, and now my brother will never have a child of his own, since they ended up married. My daughter got pregnant at 16 with her first and 17 with her second. Her first boyfriend raped her. The second was a birth-control failure. My grandchildren are the best thing that ever happened to our family, and my daughter is now engaged to a wonderful man who accepts both kids as his own. My mother was 16 when she was gang-raped. If rape was a good reason to have an abortion, I wouldn’t be here. She chose life for me when abortion would have been an easy alternative. No one has the right to tell me I shouldn’t be alive, just because my mother was raped! I have a 23 year-old son who broke up with a girlfriend after she told him she would have an abortion if she got pregnant. Another is 17 and won’t have sex with a girl because of the potential consequences. He has lost many girlfriends because he “won’t put out”. People have even called him “gay” as a result. He doesn’t want to be put in the position that my brothers were: finding out afterwards that his child is dead at the hand of his girlfriend. My 20 year-old son isn’t even dating, and doesn’t want to, because he says he’s not ready to handle a relationship that could propagate a pregnancy. I am proud of my boys and their choices. I am proud of my brothers, who have suffered emotionally beyond belief. I am proud of my mother, who said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, and gave me the gift of life. If she hadn’t, none of my children, nor theirs, would be here. Who can tell me why me, or my children shouldn’t be on this earth?

  68. I think that no matter if you were raped and had sex unwillingly, or even if you did have sex willingly, you should consider the options of foster care or adoption not abortion. that kid that is growing inside of you could change your life totally or someone who cant even have a kid. think of the baby and other ppl first instead of yourself!

  69. and to Pro-Choice believer. If you saw a murder in the street would you “mind your own business” or would you call the police and an ambulance? I am twelve years old and it is totally wrong. and to people who say the planet is overcrowded. Why don’t you go and kill yourself and everyone you see then? That’s what abortion is. There is a thing called adoption. Where a child can have a loving home rather than being BINNED WHILE STILL TWITCHING WITH LIFE. The mother has as much a right to live as the child. Look at the link that PRO-LIFE posted here: http://bibleprobe.com/abortion.htm Would you say this child should be killed right now at three years old? Do you think it should be ok for someone to be allowed to be killed and the next day execute someone for killing them? If I am allowed to kill you today and tomorrow am not, would you think that is justifyable? Would you like to have been aborted if I asked you right now? Or the children you have right now be killed with a knife, ripped apart, had a knife stab into their head and cut their brains. Then cut their spine so they can’t struggle and leave them to twitch and die in a bucket? Then get binned? Do you really think that is ok?

  70. @ Katrina… Have you ever been raped? Have you ever been raped by a family member? I was lucky enough not to get pregnant but for you to tell me that I should consider other options if I’m being raped by someone of my own blood…That’s preposterous.

  71. I don’t understand why many of you are bringing religion into this. God has nothing to do with this and neither does OBAMA!!!!! Think before you speak!!

  72. if we women would learn to keep our legs closed maybe so many abortions wouldnt happen, i dont care if ur raped (been there) dont care if i was ur daddy (oh that too) and ur baby girl is strange but also your sister, we look every bit the same could be twins if she wasnt ten years younger then me. id not give her up even to take away the pain, i cant have anymore children but i give my girl my daughter everything i can with no regreats oh and if u cant love that child like you should theres this great thing called putting it up for adoption
    grow up and learn, the bible tells us that were not to kill, so i guess all of u girls that have done such a selfish act of murder will have to answer for it befor God and fear for your soul

  73. Abortion, in almost every event, is serial mass child murder. It is self evident that U.S. dads and moms show more love for Wetback and Razorback invaders than they do for their own children as there have been as many child murders through abortion as there are about as many Wetbacks and Razorbacks in the USA as of 2010. Wetbacks and Razorbacks have been embraced with love and our own posterity children of We the People have been murdered with the support of politicians, judiciary, LEO, military, medical professionals, and citizens. Abortion is mainly child mass murder perpetrated by dead beats through fiat debt instruments that infringe the unalienable rights of We the People. As such it is treason and is defined as a domestic enemy by the US constitution. It is for this reason that many Jack boot Thug law enforcement swear to protect the rights of the citizen. Gestating babies are NOT yet citizens as they have no PAPERS from chattel government, nevertheless, the 13th amendment to the US constitution restrains LEO’s from placing anyone in involuntary servitude and the gestating children in the womb should be regarded as the sovereign posterity of We the People of the preamble of the US constitution. As such, their unalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness may NOT be infringed by child mass murdering criminal perps. Such evidence is admissible in Four Cornering Admiralty court. Such evidence should be presented without crossing the BAR by a sovereign by birthright of We the People of the preamble to the US constitution Notice of Demand and include the statement are you rushing these gestating children to judgement ? No one may lawfully rush anyone to judgement especially in matters of life or death. The reason how come all legal redress has failed is because voluntary body politic chattel have no rights in court. Only sovereigns of We the People may communicate by notice of Demand. Saddle-up and quit crying like a bunch a babies and save some lives.

  74. listen here (big girl)God has everything to do with this. you wouldn’t be here without him and you are going to stand in front of him one day and be judged for your decisions! each of those precious babies are made by God, even tho there might b complacations with the mother or baby, God intended for that baby to be born!!!!

  75. hello i think that abortions are really wrong, my best friend had unwilling sex with a man who got her pregnant and she gave birth and gave her baby away to a couple who cant have kids and i think that was teh right decision to make
    BUT i would agree with a abortion if having the baby was gonna kill the baby or kill you, or even if the baby was cerverly handecaped then i dont think that it is fair for them to be born

  76. Okay. It’s not ‘minding your own business’. Agree with the other guy, if you go out in the street and see someone kill someone, you wouldn’t just ‘mind your own business’.

    If the world is ‘overpopulated’, go kill yourself. Kill others. Really? Not right.

    You don’t understand. You’re killing someone.

  77. Ever hear of someone who had a kid and wish they had an abortion? Yet we hear all the time about would have been mothers who never forgive themselves for having an abortion…… Just give the baby a chance and you will love them. If not, then give them up for adoption.

  78. I’m pro choice. I believe all woman should have the choice whether they want to have a child or not. I myself had a termination at 15wks. I took every precaution not to have a child but unfortunately the only 100% way not to fall pregnant is not to have intercourse. My partner and i were in a loving relationship and why shouldnt we be allowed to have sex to show we love each other. we used 2 lots of protection and still fell pregnant. Unfortunately due to circumstance it wasnt the right time to raise a family. And before all you pro lifers start the arguing, adoption is and was not the correct choice for me. call it selfish but i could not and did not want to carry a foetus full term. and thats what it is a foetus. not a child until its born. this page seems to promote reilgious scaremongoring and bias. stop looking thru rose tinted glasses all the time and look at the bigger picture. christians are supposed to be good people. well forgive people stop tryuing to make people feel bad for doing what they feel is right. and just one final note. that is a still birth baby born approx 24 wks on. not an aborted foetus. and for a supposedly christian website putting something so incredibly sick on to their website is disgraceful and u should be ashamed!!!

    1. yes its true that a baby is a fetus. and its fetus btw not however you took to spelling it. you said you werent selfish but that it wasnt the right time for YOU and that YOU didnt want to carry the baby full term. why? were there some scary strech marks? what gives you the right to take a life? and dont say its not actually a baby because it is. how can you determine when life begins? at 12 weeks the baby could feel. it had nerves. it knew it was in pain but it didnt know why. the baby could move it could it could frown. it could turn its head. but no it wasnt the right time for YOU

  79. listen im 17 and im pregnant and this whole crap about abortion is so stuid girls and guys listen up women have to take responsiblitly of their actions and men if your gunna screw a girl at lest make sure your put a condom on and girls use birthcontroll their is no excuse for an abortion IF YOU CANT TAKE CARE OF A KID DONT HAVE SEX DUH GET IT THRU YOUR STUPID HEAD PUT TWO AND TWO TOGETHER IF YOU SCREW YOUR GUNNA GET PREGNANT ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!!!!! now im not sayin dnt have sex bc every body likes to have sex but im sayin be smart about your sex if you cnt support a family wrap it before you tap it duh!!!! i wish i was smart enough to relize that but i wasnt so now im pregnant but i love this child and i will never go to a doctor and have him suck out its brains and cut it up and throw it in the trash people who do that make me sick my cuzins xwife did that and i hate her guts its descusting i hope that every person that does an abortion remembers wat they did to one of gods most beautiful creatins i hope they all burn in hell for murder of an inncoent child and obama makes me sick for leaglizing it to

  80. Kerri, how far along were u when u found out u were pregnant? U terminated at 15 weeks. Why? Your child and YES your CHILD was nearly half way to taking his/her first breath. Did u know that at 15 weeks, in all likelihood that u felt your babies first movements? I’m assuming this was your first, as most women don’t recognise it as movements at first.
    You speak of Christians and tell them to forgive the women for aborting their unborn children and move on, yet this is not an issue of religion, it’s a simple issue of right and wrong, life and death. In each unborn child a fully formed heart beats, a brain produces brain waves, a chest rises and falls with practice breaths, a hand reaches out to hold. If in your mind you’ve coped with destroying your child by calling him/her a foetus then I truly feel for you. Maybe before u tell others to forgive you for what you’ve done, you need to ask yourself for forgiveness, this isn’t about God or religion, this is about a woman that has been fooled by propoganda from politicians and abortion clinics into believing her child isn’t real and alive, this is about a woman that once she destroyed her child at 15 weeks gestation has felt grief for what she’s done, even in it’s smallest part. So forgive yourself first, ask forgiveness of your child and THEN ask others to forgive you. But don’t get on your anti religious wagon like you can hide behind it. The amount of women I’ve spoken to in your situation that after the passing of time the shame and greif they feel about what they did to their child is unbearable for them.
    You can have a loving relationship WITHOUT sex until your ready to follow through with the end result of sex.
    And as for the image above, even if this one isn’t an aborted child, there’s plenty of far worse images out there that are. U think it’s sick? Why? U can do the action of destrying? But you can’t bear to see the end result? hmmmm…interesting don’t u think?

  81. first off id like to say that this is basic women’s rights, i dont believe that you should have an abortion just because you were being careless and got pregnant, however i was in a situation where my life was at stake in more than one way, i could not physically carry a child to term without harming myself and possibly losing my life in the process or miscarrying the child, and i was in an abusive relationship where my life was threatened if i had the child, not to mention i was pregnant with conjoined twins that were connected at the head and shared 1 brain, how can you bring children into this world wen they are almost certain to die, it was a decision that i was forced to make, one that still to this day 3 yrs later upsets me but in the end i know i made the right decision because what kind of life would those babies have had if i had been able to successfully carry them to term, also i would like to point out that if you are raped then you should not be forced to keep a child that was never your choice to make, in the end you would end up resenting ur child because it would be a constant memory of pain, wat kind of life would that child have, and you know its easy to say that if you cant afford to care for the child just give it up for adoption but do you realize how hard that would be to carry a life for 9 months just to give it away, not all children get adopted either they grow up without family, and if you keep a child in poverty do you realize the life they would ave, i do trust me on that fact, i have grown up in poverty and having to fight for my every meal, living on the streets, dad in prison most my life because he made a stupid choice to get money to care for us, mom worked 4 jobs and was never home and we were barely scrapimg by, how can you wish this upon anyone, if you have the means to care for a child then by all means abortion should never be an option but if you find yourself in one of these positions then isnt it far less cruel to abort the child? would you want to grow up in these conditions? never knowing if you gonna live to be a teenager, or adult? these are not the worries a child should have to live with, it was hard enough for me

  82. also i would like to add that you cannot abort after 3 months or 12 wks pregnant, they do not allow it and therefore that picture isnt an aborted fetus it is a stillbirth, and before you go thinking that im all for abortion and that everyone should get one be sure you read my first post, and im proud to say that 3 yrs later im a much healthier person and doctors have told me that with careful monitoring i should be able to carry a child to full term, currently i am 5 1/2 months pregnant and am expecting a baby girl due october 30th, im not for or against abortion i just feel tht there are exceptions to the rule and everyones situation is different

  83. I cannot believe you have posted this image. I googled baby 22 weeks and got this. I feel really violated.It is absolutely disgraceful you have done this. Take it off

  84. Chloe,

    and I feel absolutely violated when people consider 22 week old babies “a mass of tissue” and it is absolutely disgraceful that people allow to kill them.

  85. I’m 22 weeks pregnant right now, seeing this baby makes me sick to my stomach. This is what my baby girl looks like RIGHT NOW. Girls have no excuse to abort their child because they don’t think they can give it the life it deserves. Hellooo adoption! Someone out there wants your baby, even if you don’t. I’m 18 years old and when i read that positive pregnancy test, i knew exactly what i had to do, RAISE MY BABY. The picture of the aborted baby should be posted up all over the walls in all abortion clinics, stating “THIS IS THE ‘CHOICE’ YOU’RE MAKING.”


  87. omg i cant believe you ppl that think this is ok..i mean really..look at that helpless little baby laying there dead now bc of some stupid ass person was to dumb to see what they just did..i mean any normal person would go to jail if they killed someone, but yet a woman can kill her own child and get away with it..i mean really what is the world coming to..it literally made me sick to see that baby in that picture..May God be with the stupid ppl that are continually do this to there own child.

  88. Hi everyone. I believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion but shouldnt be bashful when it comes to women that have chosen to have an abortion. I fell pregnant at 18 to my boyfriend of 3 years. We were not a happy or committed couple and we were using contraception at the time. Im sorry to say but those of you who just assume falling pregnant is always due to lack of using contraception you are being nieve. I decided that due to my unhappy relationship to a unfaithful and angry young man, his unemployment, me being in a traineeship, and other genetic problems on his side of the family, that I would choose to terminate the pregnancy. Can you really judge me for this choice if you have not been through this situation yourself? Its not like I shifted responsibility, I took responsibility for my actions and I am still living with my choices today. There isnt a day that I dont think about my unborn child. I am not a religious person but I do pray for my little angel. I dealt with the abortion completely alone. My friends and family didnt know about it and my boyfriend simply didnt care. It is a very difficult decision to make and I do not think you people who claim “god” will punish women like me should be able to speak of such things unless you have been through it first. Yes there are women out there who have multiple abortions due to carelessness but how is that any of your or my business? Who are we to judge peoples lives? Its not like you just walk in the clinic, get the job done and walk out. It is an extremely emotional experience. To this day I still cry. I do not regret my decision because I know it was in the very best interest not only for me but my child. I refuse to bring a child into a world where it has limited possibilities. I was only 7 weeks pregnant but when you have a baby growing inside you there is nothing else you can think of. For two years I felt as though something was missing from my life. I grieved for my baby. I am now 20 years old and 11 weeks into my second pregnancy. I have been blessed with an amazing partner and the funding we need to bring this baby into the best possible situation. I feel as though the hole in my life is closing up and I have been healing.
    I do not believe anyone has the right to judge other peoples life choices. It does not affect you, you do not have to feel what they are feeling, see what they see, so pull your head in and focus on your own life. Im sure you have committed sins in your life that you feel are forgivable, but a sin is still a sin no matter the strength of it. To all you women out there who have aborted your unborn child, I hope that you begin to heal as I have. Do not let these judgemental people bring you down for a decision you had every right to make. My thoughts are with you.

  89. God says do not judge, but he also says HE will judge. Its not up to us… its up to Him. He also said do not murder. It’s one of the commandments. All I can say is, I am 22 weeks pregnant right now and I feel my daughter moving inside of me all of the time. (I swear she does gymnastics!). It amazes me how people can say that she is not “alive” right now. After all… “murder” or “killing” is the ending of a life. It is taking something that is “alive” and making it “dead” however you chose. My daughter is very much alive. She has a heartbeat. She can her my voice. She even reacts to a flashlight being shined on my belly. She has a heartbeat and even sucks her little thumb occasionally. She can swallow and pee (lol) already. These are all signs of a living being! Just because she relies on me to survive right now, does not mean she is any less alive than someone who needs a pace maker or insulin injections. They are relying on other things to stay alive. Does that mean we can go killing them too just because they cannot live on their own means? No. Well, I believe it is no different. If you truly think that a child at 22 weeks is not “alive” then, I’m not sure what to say. My daughter is very much alive within me and I can’t wait to meet her in 18 weeks. And just because it is “rare” for babies to survive an abortion, doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Here is an article about a baby aborted at 22 weeks who was STILL BREATHING a day later. It then died after (obviously) not getting medical attention. http://www.newser.com/story/87410/baby-survives-abortion-for-2-days.html
    I believe that all children are gifts from God. There are SO many more options than abortion. There really is no excuse. You say “You dont understand.” Well… honey, yes I do. I’m not 12 yrs old and pregnant, and I didnt get raped or anything, but I do know how it feels to have a baby inside of me. I DO understand life. And I know my child is alive right now. And to terminate her would be ending her life, therefore killing her. Abortion is murder. I don’t care how you try to say it’s not… it IS. Period. It is ending a life prematurely ON PURPOSE and that is called murder. There are plenty of centers for women who dont know what to do that will take care of you. And do you know how many families in the USA are on WAITING LISTS to adopt children?? There are people WAITING for babies because they can’t have their own. And these girls just go and kill a life that could have been nurtured, cared for, and deeply loved by parents who actually appreciate children. It’s so sad people chose killing over adoption. At lease give the child a chance, for goodness sake.

  90. Honestly ladies, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I am not a judgemental person. Think about all those people that have gone thru some type of loss i.e. a father whose daughter is raped and killed. If he has the opportunity to go and kill the person that killed his daughter, would you applaud him? or justify him? No! He took a life that wasn’t his to take. Regardless of what god you believe in, the gift of giving life is a blessing. I too got pregnant when I was 17 and wasn’t ready but I had my son. Ten days later he passed because his lungs collapsed. I took this as “this happened for a reason”. I have two children now and pregnant with my third. They are all from the same father. Things in life happen for a reason. I learned that. But I didn’t get rid of a child for my selfish reasons like many do. I can’t imagine my life without my kids regardless of all the hardship I had to go through to have them. Regardless of how a child would impact me financially or emotionally or even morally. There are so many out there that don’t have the blessing of having children. Yet I two friends that thought of abortion and ended up going full term and giving their babies up for adoption. They didn’t want children and couldn’t afford them but yet they gave that child a chance at life with someone that will love them since they weren’t willing to be available to those babies. That’s what I call a good selfless decision. Those kids are over 4 years old and the point is that THEY LIVED!

    As mentioned before, I don’t judge and yes I have committed mistakes in my life. However, taking a life is a sin but doesn’t mean that if you live n fornication which is another sin it would be the same as taking a life. You can decide to get married or break it off if you are living in fornication but when you take a life there’s no going back. You can’t undo it. I wish you all luck! Hopefully you make that right decisions and give opportunities to those who can’t birth their own. Give your child a chance AT A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

  91. I read a lot of comments and sometimes I could do nothing but shake my head. People on here need to stop judging people for what they believe. You can’t make someone believe in pro-life or pro-choice. You all have no right to judge someone, that is God’s job. And you all should not be bashing someone for the way they think and saying they should be ashamed, just because they dont believe in what you believe.

    Yes, the pic above is gross and sad, I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and could not even think about having an abortion. But I am pro-choice. when I was 6 weeks I was very close to getting an abortion because I was 3 weeks away from deploying to Afghanistan, but then I decided to keep my child. But I have had an abortion before when I was 4 weeks pregnant….by medication. It was my choice because I was just joining the military and had a lot of training and school to go through. I dare someone call me a killer for a choice that I have the RIGHT to make because YES it is my body and my decision.

    Someone on here said the baby is not part of a woman’s body….YES, i believe it is. It is inside me, it is attached to me, I feed it, i give it nutrition, whatever goes into me goes into the baby, so it is very much apart of my body. Someone said what about the baby’s rights? The baby knows nothing about rights and even when the baby is born until 18, the parents makes decisions for it.

    Anyways, a woman has their rights, so pro-lifers, dont judge or bash. Let the pro-choicers have their say, and make their own decisions. I am a pro-choicer and encourage a woman…actually everyone man or woman, to make their decisions no matter what people make think.

    1. I agree completely Ananias. I’m sick of people telling others they are wrong about a decision they are making. Many people keep bringing religion into the picture and fail to realize there are others out there who don’t believe in their god. As for the rights of the fetus, there have been stories about parents making decisions on behalf of their 16 or 17 year old children to not have any medical procedures done on them based on religious ideas. A person at that age is even able to talk and say “hey, save me” and yet they do not get a say because they are a minor. There was a fairly recent story of a boy who died from something a

  92. *as ridiculous as a urinary tract infection because his parents decided to not get him medical help and instead let “god take care of him”. I’m also sick of people saying that abortion are people “playing god” but it’s somehow not playing god when a person gets run over by a truck and we stick them on life support. If it were up to nature they would die.

  93. The world is over populated. there are too many stupid people having kids that they can’t take care of. My tax dollars are going to future drunks, beggers and unemployed losers who are all making babies. I say abortion is a choice. Have the kid if you can take care of it. Use protection if you can’t. Abort if there is no alternative. There are already too many unwanted kids in the foster program. You hungry wanting baby lovers, adopt them. Look at whats out there and take care of what is already here.

  94. i think abortion is legal for q reason..i had an abortion it shouldnt matter the reason this is the united states ppl go around murdering each other all the time i dnt see a difference weather the person is inside u or out side..abortion is so needed an not needed its un believeable..i think that what u believe in is what u believe in..u can be 14 or 40..it doesnt matter! an u ppl on here can sit here an attack ppl for the morals an wat they see is okay..we live in such a shitty world i think we have bigger problems then abortion…dnt u?

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