horror in Austria

Think of it what you want. It’s a true story.

Kerstin, 19 year old girl, was brought to the hospital with shortness of breath and cramps. In her purse the medical personnel finds a note from her mother, Elisabeth, who disappeared 24 years earlier (She was believed of joining a religious sect, leaving the message: “Don’t look for me”, and leaving her 3 kids behind).

Unexpectedly Elisabeth comes to see her daughter, accompanied by Elisabeth’s father, Josef Fritzl. Police shows up, questions Elisabeth and finds shocking facts.

Josef Fritzl (73 years old) was imprisoning his own daughter, Elisabeth (42 years old) for the last 24 years, abused her sexually since she was 11, had 7 children with her. One child, a twin, died few days after was born, and the infant’s body was burned by Fritzl in the oven.

Fritzl’s house

Fritzl’s wife, Rosemarie, did not know nothing about this horror, although it was happening in the 60 m2 (645 square feet) cellar located by their house. 3 of the kids lived with Elisabeth, 3 of the kids lived with Josef, their father-grandfather.

Elisabeth and her 3 children, ages: 19, 18 and 5 have not seen light or fresh air for 24 years. They lived in a small bedroom and a bathroom cellar, with a cooking area and TV as the only contact with the outside world.

Elisabeth and her children were taken to a psychiatric clinic. She agreed to reveal the whole story after being assured that she will never see her father again. Kerstin is in a induced coma, in a critical condition, on a respirator.

Josef Fritzl faces 15 to 20 years in prison.

Lydia Gouardo, 45, a survivor in a similar story (was raped and kept by her guardian for 28 years in France and has 6 children) wants to become Elisabeth’s friend.

Natascha Kampusch of Vienna, who was held captive by her kidnapper for more than eight years, since she was 10 years old, said she has donated $38,800 to Elisabeth and her children

Read more in Guardian.UK or on CNN.

Can you belive it ?!?!


9 thoughts on “horror in Austria

  1. unimaginable. But how can Mrs.Fritzl say she did NOT know anything about her daughters ‘imprisonment’. Did she not wonder about the amounts of food and whatever else mr.Fritzl was taking into the underground ‘bunker’ and how could she not have heard anything for so long, atleast during those times when Mr.Fritzl was away from home on extended holidays…. I m sure theres some kinda term explaining this in physcology. But i wonder how is that possible.

  2. Oh, please, lets stop for a moment and think.
    This might not be an isolated incident.
    Wonder how many more are suffering…how many more imprisoned or worse..how many are living in denial..how many more Fritzl’a…

  3. I don’t get it. Why are so many non- offending mothers unaware of what goes on under their own roof? Are they that dominated by their husbands they don’t even explore parts of the house they have never been to?
    I don’t believe this is an isolated incident. I think people should use this case to start talking about incest rape. We can protect kids who are being abused by outsiders, to a certain extent, but when it takes place within a family – it’s so secretive and hidden and taboo.

  4. For me Elisabeth is a HOLY PERSON” bearing treating like that is ten times worse than from NAZIZ Holocaust, I think the whole world should honour her for her brave and tolerance and …………… what can I say, … she is the winner of ……..what,,,,,, she is the strongest women in the whole world and we should be very, very proud of her. i THINK THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD SUPPORT HER AND HER CHILDREN IN ONE WAHY OR ANOTHER, MAYBAT VAS SHE SENT TO US FROM GOD, TO SHOW HOW TO SUFFER AND FORGIVE. i DO NOT HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW. lOVE

  5. Anonymous,
    thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I am sorry, but I did not approve your other comment about getting support for Elizabeth. I simply don’t know who you are and if your desire was legitimate. I don’t want to offend you, but please find another way to address that issue.

  6. I agree with the suggestion that we should honor and support Elizabeth and she is Holy because she held it together for her children and her self thought all the many many years of imprisonment, beatings and rape in front of her children before he had her help him build another room. If she can grow to forgive him, and let all this go…she definitely should be canonized a Saint…Saint Elizabeth. My prayers are with her and her family and if I could I would send her fragrant flowers weekly and delicious healthy cookies for tea parties with her children outside in a garden surrounded by flowers and fruit bearing trees. I also think they would heal more easily if they each had a little garden to plant from seeds. In ending, my heart rejoiced when I first read her story….that she is now free of that life and that deranged unbalanced man and is on a new path filled with love and light.

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