what I believe

recent revert to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church

where I lived

Poland (Wroclaw), Russia (Moscow), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), Qatar (Doha), USA (Baton Rouge, St. Louis, Kansas City).

what I like

to think, eat pistachio almond ice cream, to play guitar and sing, to read books, to invent, to organize, to make sure the world still spins, to watch movies, book of Isaiah & Song of Solomon, to eat middle eastern cuisine

what I don’t like

meetings for women, picking up stuff all around the house (before you can vacuum you have to see the carpet).

what I can’t stand

injustice, arrogance.

people tell me that

i am blunt, too serious, to intense, i need to relax, not everything is black and white (although i like red too).

I would like to visit

Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Alaska (almost as big as a country by itself), China, Ireland.

in a different life I would be

there is no different life, this one is forever (in different forms, but still…)

what I did

I was a RN, missionary, worship leader, teacher, dancer (last century), leader (of various groups of people who couldn’t find a better person to lead them), community starter, persuader, controversial sceptic.

what I do

I am a daughter, a wife and a mother, I live now in Kansas City, MO. I am trying to LOVE GOD, homeschool, raise the kids and pray.

why do I write this blog

to let these few people who read this blog to know, what I really think, to do something else then homeschool.

how can you contact me


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