70 years ago

Sept 1st, 1939. The WWII started in Westerplatte. 3 500 German soldiers with 47 bombers, two torpedo boats and one battleship fired against 180 Polish soldiers armed with one 75 mm field gun,   two 37 mm anti-tank (AT) guns, 41 machine guns and four mortars.  It went on for seven days. Over 300 German and 15 Polish casualties. For real. Poles gave up because of lack of water and medical supplies. Polish wireless operator was shot, because he did not want to give up radio code. The rest were arrested. German commander allowed Polish major Sucharski to keep his saber in captivity. He applaud Poles for their heroic fight.

Polish movie about this first battle of WWII, made in 1967 (with English subtitles) starts here:

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