Wonderful, although spiked with drastic moments, true story, autobiography of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Emerging from a Somali born family, living also in Saudi and Kenya, learning about various ways of practicing Islam, growing up among cultures and traditions where Islam is a religion of birth, she makes a life altering decision and decides to stay in Europe.  She becomes an atheist (unfortunately)  and surprisingly politically incorrect in the midst of one of the most liberal European nations, Holland.

It’s a great read.

One thing that I agree with her is her opinion on Mohammed, the founder of Islam.


4 thoughts on “infidel

  1. this is just one of them books that totally changed my point of view…
    one of the best books EVER, bought it by accident…
    …now i think twas destiny!!!

  2. Its non-sense, the book is non-sense, it tells people disobey your parents, disobey your community, disobey your religion, and do whatever you want, people before judging a religion everybody should read about it, learn about it, Islam dignifies the female same as the male, and the borders that are on the female are there to protect her, read more about Islam, read more about the Arabs, then read this book to see how its just papers of non-sense, and the good Arabs and good Muslims do not say “She’s ugly, she’s disobedient, she’s a whore – she’s sleeping with a Jew.” as Islam forbids this, and who ever treat people like this will be punished by Allah. People please read about Islam before saying anything, and i assure you will see it in a different way.
    here is a website about prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him)
    and am not going to say our prophet because he is all nations’ prophet
    hope i am giving a good picture of Islam and Muslims
    Peace be upon you

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