follow Muhammed, marry girls in elementary school

And yet another story of a small girl, 8 year old from Saudi Arabia, married to a 47 years old (another source says 58 years old) man in Saudi Arabia. Typical scenario: parents are seperated, father gets in debt, sells off his daughter for 30,000 SAR = $8, 010 (which is called: gives her to be married) to a guy 5 times her age. That’s it.

The girl will attend 4th grade at the time of her marriage, but apparently she was not yet informed about the events. Mother protested in the court, wanting a divorce for her daughter, but the judge said that she is not a legal guardian (she is separated from the girl’s father), and only the girl can file a divorce petition, after she reaches her puberty. What a system…wow.

The old husband promised that he will not consummate the marriage until the girl is 18. I don’t believe him at all. Once this story quiets down, he can do whatever he wants. Why would he marry a girl anyway, in his age, to wait 10 more years? He will surely follow Muhammed’s advice and example.


I wrote this few months ago, commenting about another girl in Yemen, who was married against her will:

Muslims are to follow Muhammed’s example. After Muhammed’s first wife died, he married his best friend’s daughter, Aisha. She was six at that time, so he had to wait to consummate the marriage until she was about nine. (There are controversies about Aisha’s age, some Muslim scholars are trying to convince the masses, that she was bit older than that).

Muhammed followed the cultural norm established in his land: marrying young girls and starting sexual interactions with them after their first menses was a norm at that time in the Arabic Peninsula (Jewish custom said the girl must be at least 12.5, the boy at least 13). Therefore Muhammed established this practice for his followers to come for the next centuries. Islam authoritatively and consequently follows His Prophet’s example till today.

To make things easier for the men, there is a Fatwa (ruling on Islamic law issued by an Islamic scholar) explaining Muhammed’s sexual relationship with Aisha, which they can follow, if needed.

(…) answering the question about “thighing” of Aisha, (…)

After the committee studied the issue, they gave the following reply:
It has not been the practice of the Muslims throughout the centuries to resort to this unlawful practice that has come to our countries from pornographic movies that the
kufar (infidels) and enemies of Islam send. As for the prophet, peace and prayer of Allah be upon him, thighing his fiancée Aisha. She was six years of age and he could not have intercourse with her due to her small age. That is why [the prophet] peace and prayer of Allah be upon him placed HIS [MALE] MEMBER BETWEEN HER THIGHS AND MASSAGED IT SOFTLY, as the apostle of Allah had control of his [male] member not like other believers.. (from here )



Arab News

The Muslim News


20 thoughts on “follow Muhammed, marry girls in elementary school

  1. Muslim?
    Welcome to the world of Christianity too. The only difference between the middle east muslims and the western christians is here we have a strong secular government. Take away our Roman legal system and let the US slip into christian governance and this is exactly the type of thing you will see here too. And it was the type of thing you saw in colonial america and europe before secular kings pulled power away from the clergy.

    This isn’t a ‘muslim’ problem.. it is a theological state problem and NO religion in the history of humanity has been immune.

  2. Sorry, folks, the childish excuse of “they do it, too” doesn’t work when discussing CHILD RAPING. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “custom” or not. it’s a SICK DISGUSTING PRATICE and any man who marries a child younger than 18 is a PEDOPHILE.

    Mohammed the “prophet” was a sick child molester.
    All Muslims follow the words of a FILTHY PIG
    who was FIFTY-ONE when he married a SIX YEAR OLD GIRL.

    Maybe other religions used to do the same thing.
    THEY ARE PIGS TOO, and don’t still CONTINUE the practice.
    Muslims, as usual, are about 1000 years behind the rest of the world, so they still consider this a MARRIAGE, not a RAPE.

    I wonder if this current childbride will be raped before she can bring a divorce proceeding.

  3. Neeneko,

    no matter what, if we look at the founders of Christianity and Islam (Jesus and Mouhammed), they are incomparable…

    I personally would have a biiiig problem if Jesus Christ would have several wives and consummate marriage with one of them being 9 years old. It amazes me continually, that Muslims do not feel nothing in that matter about The Prophet.

  4. This is just sick…where is the UN and UN Human rights groups when you really need them. Ya, as if this disgusting man is going to wait until the girl hits puberty to take advantage of her. I feel for this poor little girl and the world should step in and put and end to this and all other sub-human muslim crap..

  5. twka,

    You do realize that like mormonism, islam is a branch of christianity? They do follow jesus and his teachings but just like jesus extended the old testament they have extended things further (it should also be noted that they include MORE of the old and new testaments then the current revisions of the bible, so in some ways they are closer to god’s words then modern christians).

    And of course you would have problems if jesus had multiple (and some underaged) wives, most christians have a problem with the idea of jesus being anything other then celebate. But to put it bluntly, judiasm/christianity/islam ALL have a strong tradition of both polygamy an marrying minors. These practices have been dropped in the modern world because of secular goverments. If you look at regions where we still have theocratic christian rule these things still happen (the FLDS being an example in america, but the results are not unique).

    It should also be noted that biblicaly, such young marriages were common because people started breeding when nature intended them (as opposed to the modern idea of forced innocence), so yes, people got married when they were 8-12, but most people only lived till 30. Try to imagine giving birth and raising a family (making sure that your children could provide for themselves) when your own lifespan cut you off in your 30s? You better believe you will marry young. In the antient world any girl (or boy) who hit puberty and was physically ready to breed WAS an adult at that point.

    That does not excuse the practice today though when life expectancies are MUCH longer, though in the US we have swung the pendulum the other way and treat children as non-sentient idiots for WAY too long.

  6. Don’T you guys say something bad about islam.


    ur such a dog who Kkeeeps on barking!!!
    first go and learn the history of ur own religion then think about barking abot somebody else’x religion


  7. Hello There, You take the story you want to distort the image of Islam and did not investigate the details of The real story, and you also talk about what he did, the Prophet, which has something distinctive about The rest of the people That The God give it to All Prophets.
    Reviewed the stories of the prophets, even if it is several stories in several different subjects.
    So be honest with yourself in order to provide image the realy of the truth and not false.


  9. Doug, Trough out history you cannot find in any place anytime when Muhammad had made a mistake in life, he is such an innocent man you are abusing. Get to find out the wisdom he had brought to mankind (to women and children, old and young military and civil). Make comparison between the book you read and that revealed to Muhammad, which contains discrepancies and which is clear cut and send entirely divine message?

  10. you are such a fool people , u don’t how to discuss issues n forums, how dare u to draw the pics of our beloved prophet S.A, clear that pics ths s nt the way to discuss these things fool…!!!

  11. There are lots of good willing, clear thinking muslims that are embracing modern times, modern values in order to co-excist with each other.
    Unfortunately those with the loud mouth and violent tendencies act as their moral oppressor claiming time and time again that their mohammed is on their side while actually betraying the true essence of the koran.

  12. Hey,
    How dare you draw the picture of our great prophet (s.a)?
    At first remove that picture then we can discuss .

  13. Muslims take themselves and their religion too seriously. “don’t draw a picture of our beloved prophet”. What crap. Get real. Enter the 21st century. When you die, your mind dies. That’s it- end of story. That goes for you and your beloved prophet. Just like the remains of a dog that got hit by a car in the street. You can try to fool yourself into thinking life will continue, but all that does is fill the coffers of your religious “leaders”. Wake up. Ignore the religious BS.
    Be good to each other. Try to love each other. Remember- once you go, the world will go on. It is just you that goes.
    Lone Wolf

    (May peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him)

    You may be an atheist or an agnostic; or you may belong to anyone of the religious denominations that exist in the world today. You may be a Communist or a believer in democracy and freedom. No matter what you are, and no matter what your religious and political beliefs, personal and social habits happen to be – YOU MUST STILL KNOW THIS MAN!

    He was by far the most remarkable man that ever set foot on this earth. He preached a religion, founded a state, built a nation, laid down a moral code, initiated numberless social and political reforms, established a dynamic and powerful society to practice and represent his teachings, and completely revolutionized the worlds of human thought and action for all times to come.

    HIS NAME IS MUHAMMAD, peace and blessings of Almighty God be upon him and he accomplished all these wonders in the unbelievably short span of twenty-three years.

    Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him was born in Arabia on the 20th of August, in the year 570 of the Christian era, and when he died after 63 years, the whole of the Arabian Peninsula had changed from paganism and idol-worship to the worship of One God; from tribal quarrels and wars to national solidarity and cohesion; from drunkenness and debauchery to sobriety and piety; from lawlessness and anarchy to disciplined living; from utter moral bankruptcy to the highest standards of moral excellence. Human history has never known such a complete transformation of a people or a place before or since!

    The Encyclopedia Britannica calls him “the most successful of all religious personalities of the world”. Bernard Shaw said about him that if Muhammad were alive today he would succeed in solving all those problems which threaten to destroy human civilization in our times. Thomas Carlysle was simply amazed as to how one man, single-handedly, could weld warring tribes and wandering Bedouins into a most powerful and civilized nation in less than two decades. Napoleon and Gandhi never tired of dreaming of a society along the lines established by this man in Arabia fourteen centuries ago.

    Indeed no other human being ever accomplished so much, in such diverse fields of human thought and behavior, in so limited a space of time, as did Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him. He was a religious teacher, a social reformer, a moral guide, a political thinker, a military genius, an administrative colossus, a faithful friend, a wonderful companion, a devoted husband, a loving father – all in one. No other man in history ever excelled or equaled him in any of these difficult departments of life.

    The world has had its share of great personalities. But these were one sided figures who distinguished themselves in but one or two fields such as religious thought or military leadership. None of the other great leaders of the world ever combined in himself so many different qualities to such an amazing level of perfection as did Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him.

    The lives and teachings of other great personalities of the world are shrouded in the mist of time. There is so much speculation about the time and the place of their birth, the mode and style of their life, the nature and detail of their teachings and the degree and measure of their success or failure that it is impossible for humanity today to reconstruct accurately and precisely the lives and teachings of those men.

    Not so this man Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him. Not only was he born in the fullest blaze of recorded history, but every detail of his private and public life, of his actions and utterances, has been accurately documented and faithfully preserved to our day. The authenticity of the information so preserved is vouched for not only by faithful followers but also by unbiased critics and open-minded scholars.

    At the level of ideas there is no system of thought and belief-secular or religious, social or political-which could surpass or equal ISLAAM- the system which Muhammad peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him propounded. In a fast changing world, while other systems have undergone profound transformations, Islaam alone has remained above all change and mutation, and retained its original form for the past 1400 years. What is more, the positive changes that are taking place in the world of human thought and behavior, truly and consistently reflect the healthy influence of Islam in these areas. Further, it is not given to the best of thinkers to put their ideas completely into practice, and to see the seeds of their labors grow and bear fruit, in their own lifetime. Except of course, Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him, who not only preached the most wonderful ideas but also successfully translated each one of them into practice in his own lifetime. At the time of his death his teachings were not mere precepts and ideas straining for fulfillment, but had become the very core of the life of tens of thousands of perfectly trained individuals, each one of whom was a marvelous personification of everything that Muhammad peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him taught and stood for. At what other time or place and in relation to what other political, social, religious system, philosophy or ideology-did the world ever witness such a perfectly amazing phenomenon?

    Indeed no other system or ideology secular or religious, social or political, ancient or modern – could ever claim the distinction of having been put into practice in its fullness and entirety EVEN ONCE in this world, either before or after the death of its founder. Except of course ISLAAM, the ideology preached by Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him which was established as a complete way of life by the teacher himself, before he departed from this world. History bears testimony to this fact and the greatest skeptics have no option but to concede this point.

    In spite of these amazing achievements and in spite of the countless absolutely convincing and authentic miracles performed by him and the phenomenal success which crowned his efforts, he did not for a moment claim to be God or God’s incarnation or Son – but only a human being who was chosen and ordained by God to be a teacher of truth to man kind and a complete model and pattern for their actions.

    He was nothing more or less than a human being. But he was a man with a noble and exalted mission-and his unique mission was to unite humanity on the worship of ONE AND ONLY GOD and to teach them the way to honest and upright living in accordance with the laws and commands of God. He always described himself as A MESSENGER AND SERVANT OF GOD, and so indeed every single action and movement of his proclaimed him to be.

    A world which has not hesitated to raise to Divinity individuals whose very lives and missions have been lost in legend and who historically speaking did not accomplish half as much-or even one tenth-as was accomplished by Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him should stop to take serious note of this remarkable man’s claim to be God’s messenger to mankind.

    Today after the lapse of some 1400 years the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him, have survived without the slightest loss, alteration or interpolation. Today they offer the same undying hope for treating mankind’s many ills which they did when Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him, was alive. This is our honest claim and this is the inescapable conclusion forced upon us by a critical and unbiased study of history.

    The least YOU should do as a thinking, sensitive, concerned human being is to stop for one brief moment and ask yourself: Could it be that these statements, extraordinary and revolutionary as they sound, are really true? Supposing they really are true, and you did not know this man Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him or hear about his teachings? Or did not know him well and intimately enough to be able to benefit from his guidance and example? Isn’t it time you responded to this tremendous challenge and made some effort to know him? It will not cost you anything but it may well prove to be the beginning of a completely new era in your life.

    Come, let us make a new discovery of the life of this wonderful man Muhammad, peace and blessings of God Almighty be upon him the like of whom never walked on this earth, and whose example and teachings can change YOUR LIFE and OUR WORLD for the better. May God shower His choicest blessings upon him!

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