about that thing that happened to Todd Bentley…but mostly to us

very loose thoughts on what happened to us through that thing that happened in Lakeland…


…we all could be in Todd’s position, just by grace of God we are not under such pressure and expectations….it might happen to you and me, so we better be filled with meekness. But finally, after most of the heat has cooled down, and the disappointment leveled off, I would like to share some of the thoughts I have about the whole situation… and these are not that important really, but I feel a need of expressing it… don’t know why…

…let me say on the beginning, that I have one opinion about American people and the culture, that is probably not a flattering one. I think that Americans are very naive and extremely self-focused. (by the way, Poles are quite blunt and critical)

…now, cutting straight on…I am tired of the hype… most of the Christians (as well as non-Christians) have relationship problems, but Todd was elevated by everyone around him and finally he believed that he is about to start the greatest revival on this earth… of course now, all of the people have to make explanations to their followers, so they will not look bad, but helpful; wise, not fool; prophetic, not pathetic;

…I think, Charismatic Evangelicals in USA are lacking humility, soberness and healthy self-examination about who they are… they somehow don’t recognize millions of other Christians who are living by different values or quite often they are willingly creating circles of “the latest, newest , freshest revelation sent straight from the heaven” to make a cutting edge/elite like people in order to make THEIR version of the story exposed and heard around better and faster … they have to wake up and stop living in a bubble of self proclaimed glory… I am tired of hearing about more visions, more dreams, more angelic visitations etc. resulting in nothing else but more hype among the same little group around those followers of the same mind-path (I would not even call it theology)… if someone would really have an angelic visitation, we would have revival now somewhere… ( that’s what Art Katz was saying).

I am tired of people trying to cover up (which is called: let me explain, what I think… or let me tell you, what God told me night before ALL OF THAT came out…), what they endorsed previously… I am tired of blowing things out of proportions and trying to prove that “God is on our side” and “we are having it right”. I am tired of commercial Christianity…
…by saying all of this, I am trying to say that all of us (post – “third wave” ?) people are guilty of what happened in Lakeland and to Todd and he is a victim, and now we are being laughed at for the lack of discernment and wisdom
…this type of “momentum”, I am afraid, is created by people who are starving for the supernatural crescendos of being “drunk in the Spirit” daily (and I don’t mean the falling, shaking but the emotional roller coaster rides, which addict our inner beings to these type of experiences, no matter if they are true or not – can’t argue the feelings, right?…

…when in reality, it is us pumping up the atmosphere, finding supernatural where there is only probability of it and trying to make significant impact by something out-of-ordinary, when the fundamentals of life are possibly just a heap of sand or surrounded by a enormous pressure, conflicts…

…nonetheless, we are trying to make MORE of what God is giving, trying to make it MORE appealing to people, we are trying to see, who is the “new kid on the block” of the charismatic evangelical stage (often it is a charismatic personality, smart business/leader man, the soul of the crowd or a good speaker more than a spiritual leader… how different is the approach of stating: “come and hear me speak” from “come and see me live” these days… wow… the modern St. Francises are NOT on the social web-browsers or media, they are in hiding, like always; but we love to me mesmerized by the “here and now” spotlights), and check him as a friend on Facebook…we are worrying about who and how and when will be in the spotlight next, and if it is not ME, then I have to hurry up and put a good “resume” for myself or for the event I am part of or which I am promoting or leading… (this is going somewhere else now, so i will stop 🙂

..we are creating the case of self afflicted spiritual state vs real presence of God overpowering our senses…emotionalism vs supernatural (it would be good to know the role of our emotional frame in responding to God’s presence on daily basis, including those “out of ordinary”, exceptional heavenly events given by God, which are NOT happening once a week; although it is possible to have such closeness with Him, to absolutely reach and enjoy His presence constantly)

…I’d rather be a trembling sceptic than over-self-emphasized seeker of experiences with God, which don’t produce lasting fruits…

…Theresa of Avila said (somewhere there), that the supernatural experiences (including levitations, transportations from place to place, etc.) are good only for those who are on the beginning of the spiritual journey, so they would be encouraged. the “union with God”, on the other hand, is the desirable state we should reach for. But majority of people are seeking experiences and they want it now and they want it often and they don’t want to pay the price.

…God looks at the heart. I want to live in the real world, God is real. I want to discover what does that mean. I want to learn how to live humbly and truly before Him.

…We don’t need to wait for the next place and time like Lakeland , we need to make a place for Him among us.

Come, Lord Jesus.

now hate me or love me… I will take both


2 thoughts on “about that thing that happened to Todd Bentley…but mostly to us

  1. You know, I was going to comment, then thought better of it, then thought even better of it.

    I am glad you are seeing the light as it were. Christianity is all about Jesus, never about people – in terms of guidance, leadership etc. It is all about Him and Him alone!

    When people stop chasing people (personally, books, dvd’s, tv, sermons, etc.etc.)and chase Jesus, that is when true life begins.

    I pray for you and that you would seek after the only One who is out Teacher and Leader – JESUS!

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