church in Poland

Poland is a very Catholic country, where more than 90% of population admit that they belong to the Catholic church. We have over 1000 years of history in the Christendom, and according to the polls, over 50 % are so called “practicing Catholics”. The influence of the Catholic church on an average Pole is enormous. Church helped to shape our history and stood in times of tremendous pressures throughout the history (mostly during the time when Poland ceased to exist for over hundred years and during Communism). Poles are very proud of pope John Paul II.

Because our identity is so strongly tied with the Christian values, we are one of the last bastions of morality in Europe, but we are ridiculed for that as being non-progressive enough and homophobic. It is not uncommon for the people from the Parliament to mention the role of their faith, or to see them praying in the public.

On an average Sunday you might see hundreds of Poles going to the Mass. We have churches “on every corner”, and they are still full, comparing to the other European countries, although the numbers of believers participating in the services are getting lower since 1989, when the Communism failed.

Hallelu Jah Fellowship night vigil in Peter and Paul church, Wroclaw

you will see crosses in Poland everywhere

Mass for the kids on Sunday in St. Anthony parish, Wroclaw

Hallelu Jah Fellowship evengelism in Wroclaw

Martijn Kraale from TheRock church, concert in a Szepty club in Wroclaw

“Poland for Jesus” conference for Intercessors in Kalisz


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