transportation in Poland

What I love about Europe is, that we have public transportation. It is rather understandable, considering the high gasoline (about $8 per gallon) and cars prices, that it is still popular. One car per family is plenty enough. The kids from an early age (about 10 years old) are using public transportation to get around (school and after-school activities). In Wroclaw there are 19 tram lines, over 50 bus lines, the tickets are slightly less than $1, but regular passengers may use monthly passes. So…you don’t have the kids with you constantly until they are 16 or so… you see what I’m saying? …and the chances of kidnapping a kid from a street or bus, where there are hundreds of people are very slim…

I must add that the traffic in Wroclaw was horrendous. That’s why people are using more bicycles around, and the new trend is scooters.

It was great to use buses and trams around.

Sophie on Marcin’s scooter

babies go around in strollers

train stations are NOT so romantic as you think (why do Americans think train stations are romantic? have they watched “Dr Zhivago” to many times or what?)


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