persecutions in India

Rajni burnt alive
Rajni burnt alive

It started at the end of August, when one of the main Hindu fundamentalist leaders, Swami Laxanananda Saraswati and five of his followers, were killed. Christians were blamed, although Maoists aknowledged the murders.

Since then, every day is escalating in murders, rapes, burnings of churches, convents, houses. Christians are being forced to renounce their faith. Police is not protecting them. It’s happening in our times, and we hardly hear about it. Who will sound the alarm?

Stories I’ve read today:

1. Fr. Thomas Chellen beaten, humiliated, paraded undressed and comanded to have sex with the nun, who was just raped by the mob – read here.

2. 20 year old Rajni, raised up in a Catholic orphanage, burnt alive – told by Fr. Edward Sequeira SVD, who rescued her years earlier – read here

3. 60, 000 Christians take refuge in forest – read here

4. Christian killed for participating in a prayer meeting – read here

5. 7month pregnant mother and her one and a half year son cut to pieces for not renouncing Christ – read here (author unknown)

6. A believer killed and cut to pieces, nuns running away, women brutalized – read here

CNN article from Aug 27th


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