worship in school

Imagine a Christian school in a predominantly Muslim country. Imagine religious education lesson, with the focus on Christianity. Imagine the teacher telling all of the children to kneel in prayer and pray rosary or recite a prayer worshiping Jesus. Unthinkable, right?

Here is the link to an article in Daily News that tells about a similar story. This time it’s real, it happens in a Christian country (UK), where a teacher instructed students to pray to Allah!!! 2 boys refused and they were punished. Welcome to Eurabia.


5 thoughts on “worship in school

  1. Rysunek satyryczny, ale coś jest na rzeczy. Europa staje przed problemem przyrostu naturalnego, z którym nie mają problemu islamiści. Ciekawe, czy za 1000 lat chrześcijaństwo nie będzie tylko historią i to nauczaną przez muzułmanów. Chrześcijan będzie wspominać się jak waldensów, czy albigensów:-)

  2. asimplesinner,

    I lived in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia & Qatar) for some time, and I’ve experienced living as a forbidden, Christian minority, where the religious freedom is not respected, Christians are persecuted, evangelism is forbidden etc. I just wanted to compare the probability to the reality, where, even in the minds of Westerners, we are starting to think, that this situation is somewhat normal in our minds, which is tragic. People in predominantly Christian countries are being brain washed slowly, decade by decade, and they tolerate things, which on the opposite site would spark probably world wide protests… there is a lot to talk about, but….who will?

  3. Ow that is horrible. I live in middle east and I understand what you say. But I think this problem happens in western countries, too.

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