40 day fast. day 1

We (IHOP-KC) are entering into a 40 day fast period, which is exciting and scary. My spirit jumps up, my flesh screams loud. My refrigerator is full, I still have to cook for the kids, which is the hardest part of it all. The smell of food is always alluring… Anyone volunteering to cook for my kids, while I fast, meditate, pray and “go up”?

I am planning to be in the prayer room 2-4 h a day (possible only, because homeschool is done and my American husband has a different schedule as of tomorrow), get rid of few bad habits, fall in love with the Lover of my soul (see Song od Songs), continue decluttering of my house, host few people over in my house, write some extremely spiritual pieces about prayer, fasting and inner life with God and some phenomenal poems, plan the next homeschooling year… and to survive 6 weeks with the kids in a hot and humid summer time.

As with some serious spiritual challenges like prolonged fasting, I had a dream, in which the “spirit of death” was trying to kill me. Nice wake up.

Then… I had a dream about IHOP’s prayer room. The chairs in the back section were changed to dark red cinema/airplane looking seats, where you can slightly unfold them, and sit in more comfortable position. The lights were dim, and it was unusually quiet there (as for the prayer room). Is that an invitation for me to rest in His presence?

Interested in 40 day fast? Read this.


6 thoughts on “40 day fast. day 1

  1. Wiara i spotkanie z Bogiem są tajemnicą, tak samo jak łaska wiary.
    “Obyś był zimny lub gorący, inaczej pocznę Cię wypluwać z ust swoich”.
    Zazdroszczę gorącej i niewzruszonej wiary.
    Ilustracja zdjęciem fascynująca.

  2. Will be prayin for you my sister in Christ, plz pray for me as well as I’m enterin into my first extented fast.

  3. Well, as for physical part (not eating, health etc.), it was great, although I started to have some veggies after 4 weeks…As for spiritual part – it was wonderful when I had actually more time to pray and meditate, which was the case during the first 3 weeks…later on I was quite busy and it was hard to have more then 1 h daily for prayer, reading meditating…but the spiritual benefits were long lasting…

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