prayer meetings to elect Obama

People amaze me. Here is someone organizing a prayer meeting for Obama, with an understanding that he is the answer from God for this time for USA:

“to unite our nation and take change to the next level – to the heavens.”

based on the 2 scriptures that talk about repentance and unity.

How about organizing first a prayer meeting to change Obama’s heart according to the very scriptural commandment: “Thou shall not kill”. I am not trying to be mean, but real. If he claims to be a Christian and having a “cloudy understanding” about when the life really begins, let’s pray that he will have a biblical understanding. One can’t bend the principles, to accommodate and elect even the most likable person, as someone, who will govern according to his consciousness, if it is not realigned with the fundamental truths of life and death.

I believe in the power of prayer more than in anything else. So pray. May God’s will be done. Pray for Obama to encounter the living God, giver of life.

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