you can buy a bride in Egypt for $ 8,000

According to BBC NEWS, a 92 old man did not receive permission to marry 17 year old girl, because the gap between the spouses must be no bigger than 25 years. Like always, there is a loophole. If you are foreigner, and want to marry someone who is more then 25 years younger then you, just pay $8,000, on her account in the bank, and she is yours. Last year there was 173 happy Egyptian, young and rich brides taken to God knows where…

If this is not legalizing human trafficking, what is it? It is a fact, that poor rural families will “sell” their young daughters to whoever wants to pay. And with the Muslim societies obsessed with virginity, men will pay a lot of money… unfortunately.


3 thoughts on “you can buy a bride in Egypt for $ 8,000

  1. maybe you forgot to read the “However, in special cases,”
    Obviously you miss read the article.
    And right under that the article stated “Both husband and wife also have to report in person to the ministry which checks their marriage is genuine”
    I know some times we all miss understand some things but this has nothing to do with Muslim men, because I’m sure it happens in many poor countries.

  2. Ajay,

    I did read the article, twice to be exact.
    I am taking to consideration that not all Egypt is Muslim, but about 80% are, the rest being Coptic Christians and other religious minorities. But marriages are arranged there and after living in the Middle East for few years myself, I know that in most cases, the father will impose the marriage on his daughter, if she disagrees with his choice. It’s a contract, right? If they are given to someone to marry, do you think that they will go before the judge and tell him: I do not want to marry this 50 year old guy? They would have no life after that…This is their fate, no escape… Why would older guys want to marry young girls? They want another wife (polygamy), they want another wife in a different country, whole they travel? I really doubt that a woman younger than 25 years then a man would voluntarily marry someone their father’s age. At least it is very rare.
    I know from first hand, the stories of foreign Muslim men going to Egypt to buy a night with young virgin girls for as little as few hundred dollars, and later bragging about it.
    So for me, this so called “special cases” are nothing else, but legalizing the above stories for those who would like to have those young girls for a little longer than one night.
    Generalizing? Maybe so. There is probably 25 happy girls married to these older guys.
    I am not sure if any other country has such “deals” in place officially. Certainly not any “Christian” country…???
    I doubt that this system is put in place for the women’s sake, rather for men’s official “way out” to do what they want to do officially.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment.

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