insane. Fritzl case again

I did not want to write about it again, but after reading this article quoting the interview of Josef Fritzl with his lawyer, published as an attempt to somehow justify man’s actions, I must say, that Mr. Josef’s explanations are quite lame.

Blaming his childhood upbringing in a Nazi society and his mother’s strong personality for his tendencies to be extraordinarily firm and demanding… Blaming his daughter, Elisabeth, for paving the road to her imprisonment by herself, by associating with the wrong crowd, drinking and smoking… Blaming her for being too independent, getting out of his control… Blaming his mind entering into the “vicious cycle, where there is no way out”. Blaming his lack of control in regards to raping his daughter often and regularly…

His attempts to gain any bits of sympathy from us, who labeled him as a monster, are endless. His confession of a desire to release the prisoners, stories about bringing them flowers, presents and Christmas trees, his story times about the life “outside”, even about his wife Rosemarie being sad not having a contact with her daughter; his care for his daughter well being while pregnant as a result of constant rapes, by allowing her to get educated in the subject of prenatal care and birth and by providing her the necessities to survive this whole time; saying touchy words about building a “new family”, bonding times with them, about providing a washing machine and other luxurious equipment… it’s all sickening. It’s nothing else but keeping control over his slaves, delivering to them bare survival kit day by day, year by year. It’s nithing else but shameless admittance of his conscious and focused, deliberate exploitation of others in order to feed his demonic rage, perversion and desires.

He dismisses some parts of Elisabeth’s testimony. But guess what, no matter what she says, the whole world will believe her. It’s her time to speak up, her time to decide, her time to explain, her time to be number one. It’s also her time to forgive.

We’ve heard enough from Mr. Fritzl. We are ready to hear from the hero herself.

This whole mumbling of his convinces me even more in a fact, that he knew exactly what he was doing, what were the consequences of such a behavior, and with that in mind he continued in his depravity. He wanted this life of 8,516 days of torture to continue.

If the Austrian court will decide that this explanation qualifies as a valid testimony of a person who can’t be judged because of his incompatibility with the ‘main stream society’ morals, then let’s examine the other millions who grew up in the same political, cultural and family circumstances. Let’s see how many Josefs we can find.

If the Austrian court will decide he is insane, they are insane and we live in an insane world.

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15 thoughts on “insane. Fritzl case again

  1. If this evil scumbag is released into society he should be castrated. All his rapes, torture & pedophila are dictated
    by his penis. He treated Elizabeth like a dog — tying her to a post with a dogleash for 9 months and raping her at will. With dogs out of control we fix them, namely castration. I am proposing that Austria reconsider introducing a new law for rapists/pedophiles who are repeat offenders. CASTRATION. The public needs to be protected. Look how many lives he has destroyed through outwitting the Austrian Government. He was so proud of his private secret dungeon that he created from scratch — this is a case of rapist/pedophile gone wild — soon there will be copycats. Elizabeth, I hope and pray you and your family all get a total healing, physically and mentally and that you will find peace to live and enjoy the future — Elizabeth you are so strong and courageous — the whole world is sending out love, care and compassion for you even though you cannot see us or hear us you have touched millions of souls all over this world with yoour amazing strength and concern for your family these extreme and dire circumstances.

  2. It is most shocking to me that this PIG will only receive a minimum sentence and likely due to notoriety live mostly in comfort for the rest of his days after a very long trial.
    His poor daughter and children will likely never heal from the torture they have endured emotionally and no amount of counselling will fix the permanent damage this horrible man has inflicted on them.
    Never mind the barrage of press and media attention they will have to deal with. Austria should be providing anonymity and safe housing for their future and Mr PIG should be banished to the general population to be dealt with the way he deserves.
    p.s. I apologise to Pigs around the world. They do not deserve to be linked with Mr Fritsl

  3. Honestly I can’t find a word for this PIG, MONSTER, I also apologise with pigs and dogs around the world, because we don’t treat them like that, my goodness I had a dog and I loved her I use to treat her with love. So, I will think the Austrian Government should change his laws for this sad and unexplained actions…I can’t think how this went unoticed, if anybody tries to adopt a child now days they go around the world asking if you are a nice person and this josef, he had a record!!! and a bad one…how come nobody said anything??? this is already a big lie, I think that the whole society is somehow guilty: social workers, policy, adoption institute or whatever where are those people?? is time for lots of questions and answers??? They all owe an explanation to Elizabeth, who had the courage and strengh to live and tell the story. For Mr. Josef…. well I don’t think there is a punishment severe enough.

  4. This dog needs to be treated worse in prison. He is sick and a selfish creature. Austrian authorities need to torture this guy in a despicable way atleast for the days he has to live. I cannot beleive all the excuses he claims for this actions. I am tired of even realizing he exists

  5. I sincerely hope he is set free. I hope he has a mininum sentence. After what he has done to Elizabeth and her children, I think the world needs to judge and punish him. The Austrain government just will not punish him sufficiently. If they are willing to completely erase a person’s record after x time, their punishments are not going suffice by any means. In fact, I am betting that whatever small punishment they come up with only frustrate the world. Josef needs to be let out of jail so the world can judge him and deal with him accordingly. Just like the jailors who are threatening his life, the rest of us the world needs an opportunity to try and punish this demon.

  6. Elizabeth is my saint. I suffered from child sexual abuse. It took years for me to recover. Elizabeth suffered more then I have. She is like a Christ figure who bore the burdens of all victims, basically dying and now is resurrected. She has maintained her goodness and abiltiy to love despite everything. She is a saint.

  7. Fritzl your days are numbered.
    No court ruling is higher than that of the judgement of the hand of God. No doubt you WILL rot in hell when your time comes.
    NO law could even begin to describe how disgusting, cruel & evil your actions were you knew what you were doing and even now you are damn well aware of what you are saying, you arent insane. You are just naturally evil and represent the scum of the devil.

    May the lord shine his love and light over Elizabeth and her kids and restore their faith in humanity over time

  8. I hate this man.

    His actions are entirely unforgivable.
    I read that there are ladies sending him letters, calling him “misunderstood” and saying “there is still good in him”.
    There was still good in Darth Vader. But there is no good in Fritzl.

    If I could give him any punishment, I would have him castrated and then locked into his own […] dungeon, tortured on a daily basis.
    Perhaps then would he understand what poor Elizabeth has endured.

    Let’s hope Elizabeth, who is absolutely awesome for taking so much crap and raising 3 children, and her children live happily and have normal lives.

  9. They should put Fritzl in a jail where there is a lot of sex offenders and keep him there for a few months so that he can become accustomed to the life as a ‘bitch’. Then they should take him to a hospital and cut his penis off (no castration), so short that he has to sit when he urinate, then they should put him in another prison where the he is unknown (as a prisoner) to them. They then will decide for him if he must be treated as a male or a ‘bitch’. The authorities must then allow the other prisoners to abuse him to a point where he would need serious medical intervention to save his life, he must be nursed to a point where he feel saved, then they must give him back to his prison pals and let the whole process start all over again.
    You see, I have no sympathy with Fritzl, I believe he is Evil incarnate, I believe that no punishment given by a court can ever serve as enough punishment for what he did to Elizabeth and her children. I do not believe he is insane, to my mind he carefully planned this whole operation of his years before he captured Elizabeth, so the only punishment he will ever understand is humiliation, over and over again.
    I find it difficult to believe that Elizabeth’s mother is as innocent as she is portrayed, but for Elisabeth and her childrens sake I pray to God that it is true, because for now they need her.
    I am very glad that I have no direct input legalwise in this case because to stay objective would be impossible.
    I write this as a woman of 63years, as wife of 44years, as a mother of 42years and as a lawyer of 27 years.

    And I think God would find it hard to forgive this man.

  10. Ack!! The fact that this woman’s biological father put his “Richard” into her repeatedly and “Uhgahgahhhhhhhhh……” chugged his sperm into his own daughter consistently defies all dark thoughts ever pondered. I mean, when I heard about this, I thought he was a “Step” Father…nope. His seed created Elizabeth and then he puts his wienner in her TOO??? If I began puking over this, I would not be able to stop. That old geezer should be drawn and quartered, Richard first.

  11. Can you imagine him chasing her as she runs from him in her pathetic attempt to escape,frantically screaming, ” No Papa!!!!NOOOOOO!!!” Perhaps calling him “Papa” she hoped to illicit some compassion from this monster. Obviously, it didn’t work.

  12. PS

    What kind of justice is served by imprisoning the father for 10 years after he has stolen 24 years from his daughter; impregnated her with seven of his children, kept her like a dog and a mole;her finally being released to the world as a 42 year old woman!! Felons and murderers are treated better than this. This old man should be made to eat shit and otherwise exquisitely tortured (some orchestrated and brilliant injury to his penis)and then slowly and PAINFULLY killed after being raped daily with a dirty mops and bulls for a few years.

  13. he shouldnt be let out what a scum
    no woman deserves this, he knew he was in the wrong
    and so do other people, but yet peopel still defend him??
    mad, mad people ;/

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