reign down USA 4.26.08



2 thoughts on “reign down USA 4.26.08

  1. My husband and I heard the Reign Down announcement every day on WGTS on of our Christian stations in Takoma Park Maryland, the announcement was made at 15-20times a day.
    I referred tons of people to the site, my husband and I was a part of the Marshall team, On Reign Down day April 26 2008, my husband and myself along with many others were walking around the mall in yellow T/Shirts praying for different ones and directing everyone to the where the Reign Down stage was set up.

    It was an experience like non other.
    Something significant happen to my husband and me, about an hour before Reign Down started my husband and I encountered a couple who God had led to have communion with us ON THE MALL, unheard off, we went to the mall for Reign Down USA, we had no idea that God had plans for us to receive a mantle, the couple who we had communion, is a couple from Virgina who whenever there is a storm or tornado coming in our area, they will get into their cars and drive around the beltway praying over our area for safety and protection from storms and hurricanes.

    Thanks be to God for the Victory!!!! for we now do the same thing. (PRAY OVER OUR AREA CONSTANTLY)

    God is great and greatly to be praised.

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