8 years old girl wants divorce – update

Here is the first part of the story about a girl who wants to divorce her 30 year old husband.

She was sheltered for 4 days in the judge’s house and then was sent to her uncle’s house who is helping and supporting her. Her husband rejected the proposal of divorce.

“I will not divorce her, and it is my right to keep her. No need to sleep with her, at least I can have her as a wife. No power can stop me.”

“It is not a matter of loving her, I don’t, but it’s just a challenge to her.  Her uncle thinks that they can put me in jail and also the judge has no right to bring me here. How did she dare to complain about me?”

She complained that he was sexually and physically abusing her for 2 months.

Shatha Mohhamed Nasser, a lawyer in the Supreme Court has taken the case. She wants to help Nojuud and her 6 year old sister who might end up in a similar situation soon.

A 2006 field study revealed that child marriage among Yemeni girls reached 52.1%, compared to 6.7% among males. The study, conducted by the Woman and Development Study Center, affiliated to Sana’a University, looked at 1,495 couples, concluding that there is a huge age gap between the spouses.

The study established a comparison between ages of spouses in their first marriage through three generations. It disclosed that marriage age raised gradually from an average of 10.24 years to 14.70 years for women and from 20.97 to 21.54 years for men. It indicated that the average marriage age varies from one geographical area to another; for example, it showed that girls in Hodeidah and Hadramout married at the average age of eight, while in Mukalla the average age was 10. ( from this article)

7 thoughts on “8 years old girl wants divorce – update

  1. It is amazing, and very sad. Thanks for posting about this stuff. The church cannot continue to ignore Islam. They are people like us all that desperately need a savior. I have a passion for Christians in the U.S. to realize we’re called to share with our Muslim neighbors.

    Take care.

  2. very sad that these children are getting married at that young age. how sick are the men that have sex with children.

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